Friday, May 18, 2012

In Need of Change

My Brave Art

The Simple Life.
How I long to live it.
Always rushing from here to there...
From there to here.

I feel like my life is that
Dr. Suess book...
"Oh the Places We Will Go".

Always going and going...
only really going nowhere.

Just rushing.
Playing beat the clock.
Trying to fit it all in
but never really living the moment.

I am feeling the pressure
my kids are feeling the pressure.

Will Summer be different?
Will we be able to stop 
this crazy life?

I am in need of

Big time,
life altering

My weight has spiraled out of control.
The stress of all this going
has me up to 
my highest weight ever.

Nothing fits.

I am in need of a 

This weekend 
my little family is headed
to Osage Beach, Missouri.

It's a really fun
tourist town right on a 
beautiful lake.

My family and I 
need this break.
We need a 
of scenary.

We are going to 
cheer on my son Jackson.
He is competing in the State Level
Optimist Club Speech Contest.

Go Jackson 

This weekend
I am going to 

come Monday...

I will be ready 
for the 
I so need in my life.

I have been extra 
with this extra weight.

Extra sad
and tired.

But no more.

It is time to embrace a 
major mind-shift...
a heart-felt 
attitude adjustment.

I can do this.

My Brave Art

So here's to

Here's to
a beautiful weekend with my family.
Here's to my son Jackson!!

Best of luck, son!!
We love you!!


  1. good luck for all of you for the weekend....i am so with you leslie with everything you say...i want to grow vegies, i homeschool my kids...the simple life of teaching them to knit and i, bake, and no stress and no bills, oh in my WILL have a

  2. I think a lot of us dream of the simple life (I love that piece, BTW). The good thing to remember is that we have the chance to strive for it everyday. I savor the days I get to just stay at home. They are few, but maybe that's what makes them so sweet! Have fun this weekend and good luck to your son! :-)

  3. Love the piece - and yes, I can totally understand the need to either slow down or to change.

    I never did - so God sort of made it happen for me.

    Now I have fresh wings to fly!

  4. Oh Leslie - I can so relate. I feel the extra weight and know I have to do something. I start off ok and then being tired and stressed gets in the way.
    Good luck to your son and may you all have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I hope you enjoy a restorative weekend, Leslie. Your Brave Art in this post is beautiful! I agree with you about seeking simplicity and fighting against being ruled by the clock. It's an ongoing effort, and it helps to "revisit" the resolve...often!


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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