Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer of Art

There are sooo many artsy things I am going to do this summer!! Really looking forward to the "Index Card a Day" Challenge on Daisy Yellow blog. Have you ever heard of Daisy Yellow?? I just found her a few weeks ago and love this woman!! So talented and inspiring!!! Go here to find out more about this fun challenge.

My friend Kristin's "Summer of Color" Challenge begins Monday!! It's amazing what you can create when motivated by color.

Be sure and stop by for MY Challenge that begins on Monday, too.

I intend on creating my way through Somerset Studio's Gallery magazine from last summer and would LOVE for you to join me!!

If you'd love to play along with me all summer long I would love to have you.

Here's how it will work....
1. Every few days I'll post a project from the magazine.
2. You can re-create the project exactly OR take something you love about it and create something totally different...this is all about sparking creativity....so go wherever the muse takes you!
3. I will be posting my creation along with the original.
4. We will be using our Mind.Body.Soul. FB page to post our work if you want to play along.

Along with these fabulous challenges I have several pieces of art to create for customers as well as get ready for another craft show in September.


Oh, did I mention that I am working 6 weekends at our local creative place..."The Art Experience"? This Saturday is my first day...can't wait to see what we do!!

How about you?? What challenges and art projects have you got planned this summer?? Please share!!!


  1. You have lots going on! You go girl - just don't get too overwhelmed.

    I've been knitting more of the bracelets and will them up on my etsy shop soon. I'll be checking on your project and I'll try to join in every once in a while -- I need to look and see if I have this magazine. It will be interesting to see your interpretation of the projects and what you do with them!


    PS I hope your daughter does good today (her tonsils out).

  2. Hey, there I am! Thank you so much for mentioning this - that was so nice of you!
    AND I SO look forward to seeing what you choose to do - I won't be blogging regularly after next week, but I will absolutely be checking in her and on FB to see what you all are up to! Have fun with it! xoxoxo

  3. Ack..I'm still behind on our class....there is my weakness right there. Procrastination and laziness. It's not like I don't have the time, cuz I DO. I just put it off and put it off and then don't feel like I can start another project. I guess that is my problem and HUGE issue. If I'd finish something, I would be ready to throw myself into the next experience. Maybe I can get a bunch done this week!! (cross fingers) The index card a day sounds interesting, I think I'll see what the details are!

    Your weekends at the Art Experience sound like a very good time! :)

  4. Look at you. What a great creative project. I'd Love to decorate my basement. Create some new artwork. We'll see. The pool will surely beckon.

  5. Sounds like Sharla and I are sharing the same boat! Finishing is my primary goal for the YEAR! I have too many unfinished classes to count! Plus I really want to be able to let go of my own expectations and create for myself. Sounds like you have lots of exciting stuff ahead! I look forward to seeing your creations!


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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