Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Time to BE Creative!!

Our small town is so saddened by the sudden passing of beloved math teacher and coach, Mr. Kiskar.

photo taken by Marcy Roush
 That's him in the black shirt taken just a few weeks ago. He was my daughter's basketball coach and my son's math teacher. He was 51 years old. His funeral is Thursday and school will be closed to honor his memory.

In light of all this I have done so much thinking about my life. Am I where I want to be in life? Am I loving my family and my friends enough? More importantly...do they know that? Do I honestly listen to my heart or do I just go about my life living the way "I am supposed to".

Am I being authentic?

This is the year I share my story...in art, my words, my life. I want to document my days, my weeks and months.

There are 6 days left in our 14 Day Creativity Challenge. Creating is a part of my life I want to cultivate. To embrace and grow in. I know if I died today I would be sad if I never took the time to express myself.

It's okay to take a bit of time just for you, girls. 

I have been busy these few days, painting and working. Here is what I've been up to....

Proof that I have been working...what a mess...but I love it this way:)

A peek at the finished piece for my friend...

I have one more thing to put on it then I'm popping it in the mail!!

Still working on my book for Body Restoration class. I am learning so much and highly reccomend for anyone struggling with  body issues...

Last Thursday I had the privelage of teaching a "Personal Manifesto" class at our local artsy place called "The Art Experience". That place is my new fave!! The best part??? They have open studio times almost daily. I plan on going every Wednesday!! I am surrounded by other creative souls...it is a welcome place in our small community. Em and Jackson's art teacher opened this last summer. Thank you, Lisa!

This is what I made that night...I LOVE how big the words are!!!

This was just a blast to create!!

Lisa has hundreds of papers and stencils and paints and rub-ons and all kinds of cool stuff to play with!!

I promise to take photos and share. I can't believe I had never attempted to go there before...I was scared and thought I wouldn't fit in...it's crazy how we think about ourselves isn't it?!?

Lisa challenged me that night to buy a big canvas and create something on it. I am going to take her challenge and do it! Looking forward to that.

Okay, ladies...

Our Prompt for today:

1. Don't be so hard on yourself. Today create a sign or something you can hang up {even a post-it note} that reminds you to LOVE you just the way you are!!!


"Success isn't a result of spontaneous combustion.  You must set yourself on fire."  ~Arnold H. Glasow


 1.  I just found the coolest blog this morning. I plan on sharing a lot of my posts here!!  If you're a writer then this is the place for you.

2. Have you Liked the Brave Girls Fan Page yet? 

How is the Challenge going, girls?? What are YOU working on???


  1. Hi Leslie,

    You can see that Coach loved his kids. He probably touched a lot of young people's lives and didn't fully realize the impact he had.

    I'd like to hear about the "Artsy Experience" in your community. I've often wondered if something like that would work where I live. How great that you finally walked through the door. Your piece is so great. Love the quote -- is it yours? Can I use it?


  2. I have been drawing with pen a lot..just doodling ...but honestly..kids are back to home schooling and wow...i need more time to get messy...lol...i promise my self i will paint tonight...xxx

  3. I can't believe how quickly the days are passing....I haven't posted anything yet but have been keeping busy and decided to do some truth tellers pages from the SR1 class that I took a while ago. Will be putting something up tomorrow, blessings, Amanda

    Art Blog
    Amanda - Realityarts-Creativity

  4. Hi -

    Just wanted to share a short blog post I did a while back regarding our borrowed time. I hope you enjoy it. Also, I have not been nearly as creative lately arggg...but am making a concentrated effort. I think I need to make appts. with myself to get creative seeing as how I seem to keep appts. with everyone else! So sorry for your sadness and loss.


  5. So sorry about your beloved Coach, Les. His spirit lives on in each child he taught, each player he coached, each parent he supported.

    I love hearing about the artsy space. I think my long term goal would be to open some sort of studio and shop for artists to flock to (I don't believe I have ever written that anywhere before, until now. Wow. That was liberating!) I'd like to hear more about this place, so make sure you tell us about it, ok?

    Hugs, my friend. (p.s. I created yesterday!!!!! it's been TOOOOO LONG, and I feel so good about it!!!!) Peace!

  6. Dear Leslie-Yes...when someone passes suddenly (and he was so young!!) it really gives us pause as to how we want to live our lives. things are so fleeting + precious...we just can't take our days for granted. I love all your new art...and your zest for life. also...love the quote you left on my blog...the strange thing is...I just came across it the other day in one of my books!!! xxx

  7. Hi, Leslie! Love your pages for Body Restoration! I took SR1 and loved it. I bet BR is sooo good :) The Art Experience sounds like a great place - lucky you! I have done the same kind of thing before, not thinking my art was good enough or worse, thinking I'm not good enough. So sad. We miss out on so many of His blessings when we believe lies. I choose Truth!

  8. I'm so sorry about the loss of Coach Kiskar-so young!! The wedding piece and Soul Restoration journal look great! I love that quote about life not being about finding yourself, but about creating yourself...very meaningful.


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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