Monday, January 9, 2012

Studio Tour

"I like the idea of having a calm, quiet room to work on my music while knowing that outside there's noise and a lot happening. It's reassuring to know the 'everyday' continues even though inside the studio you feel so disconnected from it."  -Keren Ann

Oh, I've been waiting and waiting and waiting!! Today's the day I get to show you my NEW studio!

I have showed you my space many times...and it's true I have the most amazing built-in space you can imagine....

It came with the house and I fell in love instantly. However, as time went by and I created in it I realized it was missing so, a place to sit and wall space. As time went by I missed the sun shining in and the feel of a wide open space. So I bought this custom made counter from a friend and put it in our family room...just a few feet away from my original space.

This worked quite well for awhile. There were 2 large windows, open spaces and I could still stand and create {the method I prefer} or add a bar stool and sit down. I left most my stuff in the original space and just walked back and forth if I needed something. 

But then...I got just wasn't what I envisioned for my space. Before we moved here nearly 5 years ago I had my studio in a small room with slanted ceilings. While it was a bit cramped I loved the coziness of that place...that's what I longed for.

Soooo, when my son decided to move his bedroom upstairs I took over that room {which was supposed to be the guest room}.

It was had the window and a desk where I could sit down and it was cozy....{a bit, too cozy with that turkey-LOL}

But still it just felt like a guest room. I mean it was full of bedroom furniture...including the queen size bed!

It was seriously not the ideal situation but it was  kind of working ....

I went back and forth a lot...somedays I'd create in the original space then I'd go to the family room then back to this room. I just wasn't inspired!

Then I got an idea. 

Our sweet girl Emma had been wanting a new room for MONTHS. Since our budget is pretty tight right now  I knew there was no way we could afford a new bedroom set. However...there was a perfectly good bedroom set in my art studio!! 

Soooooo.......we got busy and with the help of our sweet missionaries we cleared out Em's room {her bed, shelves, etc.} and moved all the furniture from downstairs up to her room. Oh, girls it was so exciting!!!

Next came MY space...the boys moved everything I wanted in and I got to work...organizing, hanging art on the walls and smiling. 

Are you ready to see it?

Here it is...


See?! No bed!!

Just wide open space!!

To the left is my custom made counter...
it's sooo awesome!

I can stand and see the sun pouring in...SWEET!

To the left of my counter is a corner cabinet
that was in my room since I was 2 years old!!

I have all my art journals in here and some of my favorite idea books
That cute apron hanging on the door was a handmade
gift from my Mom!
There is more storage in the bottom of this cabinet, too. 
Can you believe my Mom paid
just $15 for this thing at a garage sale
back in the 1960's??!

To the left of the cabinet are two shelving units 
holding supplies and my favorite art pieces.


My prayer canvas gives me strength
and reminds me that I CAN create.
This was one of the first pieces I ever did...
I love it!

Then that darling little bird print is 
from my girl Leanne. Check her Etsy Shop here
and buy one for yourself.

The top of my bookcase...

More of my art, a charming birdie I found at Dollar General, 
a butterfly pretty from my Mom and my
creative mentor and friend, Lisa Bearnson.

One of my favorite mini Brave Art pieces!!

My Ziggy Doll from my Dad and this amazing
REAL Brave Girl from the 1920's!!

I found her at a flea market and LOVE all the stories 
that must surround her and this photo. She inspires me to be BRAVE!

Do you like it so far??

Here's the other side of the room. The desk is in the same fits perfectly in that little nook.
I love it that now I can stand or sit.

Each wicker basket houses various items...Mod Podge, patterns,
paint, stamps and lots more.

Here is my view from behind my counter.

A few more close-ups...

This reminds me that YES!! I am a Brave Girl.

Right above this is a scrapbook layout of me being BRAVE!

That's me singing on a tour bus in New York City. My mom had told him my dream about me singing on Broadway one driver drove us to Wall Street and Broadway, gave me a mic and made me SING:)

Here's most of my acrylic paints. The clipboard to the left has
ideas and quotes on it and that darling painting on the right

My counter top close ups...

For Christmas Mom gave me an Ott Lite!

My workspace. I can't live without that white shelving rack. It just doubles 
my it!

I have wanted one of these forever...finally bought myself one at was half off...sweet deal!

See those cutie, patootie stamps in there?? I have a set to give away this week!

A basket of cards for friends like you. Leanne's creation on top;)

And finally....

A girl can never have too many brushes!

That's my studio!!

I hoped you enjoyed the tour...


  1. The evolution was awesome! I love the space! Create!!!!

  2. How exciting !!This inspires me to get my studio organised!!

  3. What a great looking space. That corner cabinet is gorgeous! I still sleep on the bed that my parents bought for me at an auction when I was in middle school. Luckily it's a full size so it'll be with me forever. On one of the slats it says the name of the family that made it, the state, and "furniture maker and undertaker." What history.

    Have fun in your new space!


  4. oh..i love your studio are a lucky girl..with 6 kids there isn't a room to have my stuff in the garage answer in the kids home school cupboard..but i don't mind..whilst i have no space it means all my kids are still near...take care and happy creating in your new

  5. WOWZERS!!! What a great way for you to start the NEW your very own super duper new and improved studio! I`m so happy for you that you have this awesome space to create in. Wishing you a FABULOUS 2012 dear girl. I hope it`s filled with art, love and kindness. xox

  6. It looks awesome Leslie! This must be the year of the studio because another blogger friend is creating her dream studio too. I will be too, as soon as we get some fundage. Looking forward to all your creations that come from that inpiring space! :-)

  7. Les!! I Love love LOVE love LOVE your space! It's so critical to the whole process for me . . . having a space to create in, that is. And I think you, like me, feel that same way! I LOVE all that you did to your studio, and am so excited for you!!! Now GO GO GO Brave girl, and create some GREAT art for us all!

  8. How cool is THAT???????? Jealousy - envy - these are emotions I am feeling now. hahahaha...

  9. I'm so glad that it is everything YOU.

  10. It. Is. Perfect! The light, the big table (I'm a stander too ;) and all of your gorgeous paintings (what a nice surprise to see that baby face there, thank you for that!) and paint!
    What a brilliant way to start off the new year - for both of you girls~!
    Love to you, xoxo

  11. I love all your storage solutions!!! Your daughters room is GREAT! XO, Aimee

  12. So impressive. Lots of work Leslie! I did a craft room makeover last summer. I will have to send you a link to my blog to see my progress too! It does make all the difference having a special place to create!
    -Maggie G

  13. Yay, Leslie! I love your new space. That countertop is such a great place to work, and I think it is so awesome that you have that corner cabinet as a piece of personal history (and a great place to store art journals!). Thank you for such a detailed tour...I can imagine you at work and play in there. I LOVE your prayer canvas...I'm sure you don't usually make identical pieces, but it would be so nice if you would create something similar to sell...just sayin'. Have fun!!


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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