Monday, November 1, 2010

Welcome November

"When the trees their summer splendor
Change to raiment red and gold,
When the summer moon turns mellow,
And the nights are getting cold;
When the squirrels hide their acorns,
And the woodchucks disappear;
Then we know that it is autumn,
Loveliest season of the year."

-   Carol L. Riser, Autumn

I welcome this new month, on a Monday. It just seems almost magical when the first day of the month starts on a Monday. Somehow it seems like I can start a million new projects, have extra energy and be ready to take on the world when this happens.

I spent the weekend thinking about life. As you may recall last week was just so-so for me. As my good friend Leanne writes...I had landed in Crankville and was having a hard time leaving. Sometimes when we are sad or mad or gloomy we can make ourselves even more so by whining and complaining to those we love. Friday night I found myself almost making myself upset by just gibbering away to my husband for a whole 30 minutes about how cruddy my life is.


So anyways, I spent the weekend and all morning contemplating my life and why I felt this way. I came to this conclusion...
This was the first year my kids didn't go Trick or Treating. They are growing up. I was so upset about this that it just affected every thought I had. My babies aren't babies anymore. There are no more discussing costumes for months and months, no more last minute "Mom can you come help me do my make-up?", no more sifting and sorting through candy for hours. No more.

I think I am okay now. Once I came to realize that this is what was eating away at me I could mourn a bit and move on. And I did. We ended up having a wonderful Halloween...enjoyed our dinner with Mom, pumpkin and apple pies {which I ate waaaaay too much of} AND we all watched "Halloween Town"...our favorite.

Keeping with the WORD from last week which was APPRECIATIVE...I did and do appreciate the time I have with my kids. And even though they are growing up we can still celebrate holidays just in new and different ways.

Speaking of the Word of the Week...let's move on to THIS week's WORD!

I am ready to stop procrastinating. Heck, you could call me Queen of Procrastination. If I don't want to do something I keep putting it off and putting it off...but not this week! I have crossed 4 things off my list this morning that I had been putting off for WEEKS! I intend on crossing 3 more things off by 3 today.

Our WORD is....


adjective, -er, -est, verb, noun
done, performed, delivered, etc., at once or without delay: a prompt reply.
ready in action; quick to act as occasion demands.
quick or alert: prompt to take offense.

I intend on getting my To-Do list done each day
I intend on doing those things I usually put off
I am gonna do everything with promptness this week!!

Are you like me? Do you tend to put things off? What kinds of things do you procrastinate on?


  1. First, thanks for featuring me!! I love this post. I, too, was a little depressed last week, but for other reasons. I, too, complained to my hubby. (That's what he's there for sometimes!) I'm glad that you got out of your funk. Mine made me renew and re-evaluate my goals and get more energy! I hope you have a fantastic week!

  2. Hey sunshine!!! I'm taking a quick lunch break and decided to stop for a visit HERE first! First off, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the comments last week. I was having a REALLY REALLY rough week (physically, mentally, spiritually, you name it). But I'm feeling, like you, a tad better today (thanks to the well wishes of my dear blog friends!!!xo xo xo).

    As I was reading your post today, I heard voices in my head say, "You are just living the holidays differently now, that's all!" And I see you figured that out already! I'm certain this was a big change this year ... my neighbors kids decided it was time for them to trick or treat w/out the parents with them, so my neighbor was feeling similar to you. However, she just sat outside watching for them to return (which they did, in no time flat). I think we all go through these moments, you know.

    I'm thinking of you, and can't wait for the day that I can give you a big hug and we can sit and chat for hours and hours. Someday, my friend. Someday!

  3. I definitely procrastinate...that's why I am behind on EVERYTHING I do..ugh. Every challenge that I attempt, I just fall behind, which is frustrating and overwhelming. So..our word this week..PROMPT, is a gentle reminder to get my butt in gear and get stuff done. I need to turn off the time sucking t.v., get off the computer and start attacking my to do list. I will scrap this word..after I catch up on the previous 2 weeks (see..procrastination at it's best)if there was an award for procrastination..I know that is one that I could definitely win...and that's not something I can be proud of. UGH! I say this all with a light hearted self scolding. ;)

  4. I am so glad that you are out of your 'funk'. I was going to email you yesterday, just to encourage you and to say that I APPRECIATE you..but I spent all day working on my appreciation cards.
    Thank you for what you do. I have been pretty down in the dumps lately myself. I know that my husband is sick of me whining!!!
    So, next time maybe we should just whine to one another??
    Have a great PROMPT week!

  5. Dear Leslie-I know it must be so sad to watch your kids grow up...I feel it already! But I think you are wise in feeling it and processing it and then...redefining your relationship with them.
    Do I procrastinate? Uh...sometimes when I am exhausted and zoned out! I am huge list maker and it gives me great pleasure to cross something off after its' that's kind of an incentive to get things done. XXX

  6. What kinds of things do I procrastinate on? I'll get back to you on that (bwahahahaa). I finally got smart yesterday and asked Alpha Hubby for help - and the world didn't stop on its axis. Sometimes ya just gotta have help1

    I've been facing major unpacking, remodeling while unpacking, unpacking while remodeling, blah blah blah. Yesterday, together, we got thru half the boxes (a LOT). Today, of course, the first thing on my list is to wash and put up all the kitchen stuff I unpacked. It was like Christmas yesterday ("oooo, I'd forgotten about this bowl!"

    And when I faced my son leaving home? I'd spent years preparing and praying and asking God to help me let him go gracefully, cut those apron strings and let him fly. Sure, it hurt the heart a little, but I've seen women go into months long depressions so I think I did pretty good. You did amazingly!!


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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