Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Warning!! Scary Photos Ahead

Just so you have been warned. What you about to see isn't for the faint of heart.

Now you THOUGHT I had it all going on, right? You thought I was creative and fabulous. You thought I whipped up gourmet treats for my family nightly and lived in a beautiful, well-kept home. You may have thought my bedroom looked something like this...

And my bathroom like this...

Oh I wish this were true. But the reality is here is my bathroom today....

Look at that mess!!! Oh and check out the floor....

Pretty sweet, right? Then there is my bedroom. All I can say is UGH:(

As much as I want our home to look like Southern Living doesn't. And let me tell you, ladies...that makes me CRAZY!!!!!!!!!

So today, in keeping with our WORD of the Week {Prompt} I am going to spend the afternoon dusting, picking up, wiping down and rearranging these two rooms. My goal? To have a cozy retreat from the world for Dave and I. A place that is tidy, warm and inviting.

The next time you see these rooms you will be inspired!!

Please tell me I'm not the only one with rooms that look like this!! What rooms need help in your home? Please tell me so I don't feel so bad....


  1. just close the door and back away slooooowwwwlllyyyyy.........

    and now, don't go back in until it's dark outside and leave the lights off(that way you won't even know the mess is there)

  2. You are so not alone. Not alone in your mess or how crazy it makes you. Best wishes tidying up. Make sure to take it easy though =)

  3. My house looks exactly the same way! I would love for my home to look like the pictures do in the magazines but then again.....they are not real. They do not have the fingerprints from our kids or the letters on the walls where the kids are first learing to write. So you are no in this type of housekeeping by yourself. Don't stress, it will all be waiting for you tomorrow.

  4. Oh, thank GOODNESS, you ARE real and normal and wonderful! lol And for the record, it really doesn't look that bad. Nothing that 2 people and 20 minutes of picking up won't solve!

  5. Our bedroom has different stages of messiness. Some days are better than others. What I can't seem to find any order in is my craft room. It's not a traditional craft room in that it's in the closet of our toddlers room. But it's pretty big and isn't being used as a closet at all. So maybe...just maybe...I'll go up there today and try to tackle it for awhile. Thanks Leslie!

  6. Trust're not alone. And that's ALL I'm going to say about it!!

  7. I have to say??

    PS my Appreciation post comes out tomorrow

  8. No, you are not the only one! :D

    I had the same idea for a project today. Thanks for spurring me on to get it done! Now we're accountable to each other, yeah!

    I'll let you know how it turns out : )


  9. Sweetness . . .you are NOT the only one. My laundry room could be on an episode of hoarders. It's my "catch all" room, and where I end up piling up everything that I can't fit in the other room. In addition to the laundry, it holds all our art, craft and scrapbook supplies (which, you KNOW can add up to thousands of pieces), PLUS games, extra blankets, school supplies and even some left over magazines I haven't read yet. Oh, and an "American Idol" dance pad ('cause you never really know when you need to dance!)

    I hope your "PROMPT" word helped you focus on your rooms . . . as for my laundry room - I think I'll tackle that tomorrow. As dear Scarlett O'Hara says, "Tomorrow IS another day!"


  10. I love you so much I am NOT going to expose you to the rooms that need help. Professional help. People with big trucks to haul things away help. Oh OK, it isn't quite that bad since Alpha Hubby helped me unpack the kitchen this past week (it was like a kitchen-gadget Christmas). BUT I must say you have PROMPTed me to get in there and finish at least putting it all away now. It its place. On its own little shelf in my new pantry. I'm going in now!


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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