Saturday, October 30, 2010

So yesterday I spent the day grumpy. It seemed everything I tried to do was a failure {all except for the Speech Tournament. i did good there}

Now, if you know me here or at home I am rarely down. I am known as Miss Perky, Bubbly, Miss Happy Girl.....

Anyways, even the happiest of girls needs a day or two of the blahs.

Why? Because it can help us put our lives in perspective. It creates an environment where we MUST come up with ways to get out of our funk. And that is just what I did...

This weekend I'm working on my "Creative Life Makeover".

In the next few weeks I will share what I decide to do.

I am excited and ready to see what happens:)


  1. sounds like fun! (I agree, the blah's are necessary sometimes)

  2. Can't wait to see what you've come up with. It will be genius and I am going to steal the idea and apply it to my own life. You've been warned (hoho)!

  3. The blahs suck but keep us humble and moving forward (if we recognize that the blahs won't last forever). :)

    Looking forward to updates on your makeover. Fun times.

    Happy Day Leslie!

  4. Hey thanks for your nice comments last week. and I did get the Sam Fink book "Exodus" and Michael Card "Scribblings in the Sand" at Amazon. They are both great and might help with the blahs. Had a little of those myself lately. Thank goodness they usually don't last long. And what fun to see my button here - that always excites me. Can't believe I am actually doing this creative life!

  5. Dear Leslie-it's okay to feel's your haert, brain and soul cooking up something wonderful (I think!).
    I am so sorry that you are sad...I feel your pain at your children growing up (so fast). Because I am an older mom...I feel the passing of time more acutely nad I know how years can slip away in an instant. I hope you had a great Halloween weekend anyways. xxx

  6. Leslie,
    Can not wait to see what you have to blog about this week with creativity. I had no idea you judged speech contest. My 17 year old daughter is big into speech and theater. I love going to her contests! So many creative young people all together.

  7. It's so funny that you wrote this ... because I was just telling PG that I think we need to do some "creative makeover" projects at home. Moving the furniture around ALWAYS helps me. Or changing the color of a room. I think I need to join you on this next adventure . . . what shall we do this time???


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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