Friday, November 12, 2010

Changing Perspective

I am always amazed at how your day can start one way and you think you know how it's gonna go but then something happens...maybe you ran into someone you hadn't seen in awhile...maybe your husband gave you a sweet compliment or maybe you watched something that changed your perspective.

I am grateful for times like that.

I had one of those moments today. It's rainy here. Gloomy and cold. I got up early, headed to Seminary then back here. The house was quiet. My kids in school and Dave at work. I kept thinking about something I had to do today but didn't want to do. I was grumbling to myself. That led to me thinking about my life and all the "to-do's" I had yet to do. I was a bit down. Not for any particular reason...just feeling blah. 

I made my breakfast and decided to watch one of my DVR'd episodes of Oprah. What a gift to me today!!! Marie Osmond was on talking about her son's suicide....

Dave and I were just in Vegas last month and went to their show. I have always adored the Osmonds. After watching Oprah this morning I not only love Marie even more but I respect her and am grateful for her willingness to share her tragedy and what she learned from it with us. She is an example on how to live your life with humility and grace.

No matter what life sends my way....good or bad....I know it is up to me how I respond to it. It is also extremely important that I am here for my children. That I listen to them, support them and do my best to guide them in the right direction.

Marie said something on the show that made an impact on me...she said don't keep telling your kids how proud of them you are. Instead ask them if they are proud of themselves. It's imperative that we know how our kids feel about themselves. I hadn't thought of that a whole lot before.

If you get a chance to watch this episode...please do. It is soooo good and full of valuable, life lessons.

I am looking forward to the weekend. Em has her second basketball game tonight at 5. Then tomorrow my Mom, Em and I are off to a Holiday Craft Show!! So fun:)

Have a wonderful weekend, friends:)


  1. I hate that I missed this show...sadley I don't have a DVR and if I didn't I wouldn't have a clue how to work the dag blame thanks for sharing!!!!
    Can't wait to see pictures of all the neat stuff you find at the craft show this weekend!!!!

  2. Wow. Thats great advice...and I never would've thought of asking my kids if THEY are proud of themselves.

    Good stuff, Leslie. i wish I'd caught the show.

  3. I happened to catch this show at noon. With my box of tissues. It was heart wrenching! I just love her--and Donnie too! What sweet people they are.

  4. I recorded this show, but have yet to watch it. Leanne told me she sat and watched it with her kleenex too. I'll watch it when I'm ready to have a good cry.

  5. What great advice! I had not thought it of it that way before. Thanks so much for this post!

  6. Beautiful. And so true - thank you for the reminder, xoxoxo


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