Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Day in My Life {Creative}

What a simply delightful day I had yesterday. I decided to take most of it for ME! So while my kids were in school this is what I did.... Thought I'd share it in photos with you...along with what I created!!:)

Here is cutie patootie Little. Before I headed out the door to  run a few errands and grab my Sonic drink I just had to snap this.

 This is my beloved truck...a three quarter ton Dodge Ram.
 A month or so ago my friend Leanne shared photos on her blog of the streets she took daily. Thanks for the inspiration, girl! LOVE these gorgeous trees. This is the street out of our subdivision...use it daily.
 See that ginormous water tower? Our home is right there!
 Everyday I drop my son off here...Maryville High School. Home of the Spoofhounds!
 Every weekday I teach Seminary to 5 youth ages 14-18 at my Church. Here it is!!! (It's right beside the High School}
 Gotta love those Sonic drinks...I'm almost there...Diet Coke with Lime please:)
 Here is the street I take everyday to get to my house. This is one of the prettiest neighborhoods in town!
 I'm HOME and ready to create!!!
 Here's what you see when you're on my the right is nothing but cornfields {with that obnoxious water tower}
 To the left...lots of houses and beautiful fall colors!!!
 Headed downstairs to my art space. Awwww, it feels so good to be here:)
I took the day and experimented with my new heat embosser {love it!}, different painting techniques and finished up my canvas I'd been working on for awhile. Here is my canvas!!!

 It's not very an 8x11 or so. The paints are acrylic. Lots of color going on.  The photo below is terrible...sorry...The swirl is a rub-on from Fancy Pants and that typewriter is from American Crafts. See that it says "Words of Me"?
 Better photo here and close-up....notice the "I heart Blogs" sticker?
 I drew the sun on the canvas then painted it. Decided it needed mosaic looking rays. I used patterned paper cut into tiny, random pieces then mod podged them on. Took awhile but it is the look I was after. The bird is a stamp from Urban Lily. Birds are my favorite!!
 So I finished up that, took the photos then decided to just randomly paint backgrounds. This is one of my favorite things to do and usually gets me in a creative mind-set if I'm struggling.
 While that dried I took a break and flipped through a new book I bought Saturday. This book is AMAZING!! {not gonna share today...saving that for another post} It inspired me so very much that I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to do with the background I had just worked I went back to my space and got to work. Here it is shaping into something....Instead of keeping the orange background above I covered most of it with scraps of patterned paper then covered those with light yellow acrylic paint. {I added my photos before I glued the paper scraps down}
 I love how it's looking...After the yellow paint dried I wrote, in pencil words and phrases that popped in my mind regarding this "fat" photo of me from my childhood. After that I painted over the words lightly with a light blue paintbrush had a fair amount of water on it.
 Instead of keeping the real sky in the photo I painted over it with the blue then stamped on top of it....this photo is of me, in one of my first 5K's...not doing so well.
 A that masking tape in the corner that says "I Matter".
 Look closely...that's a used piece of paper I had punched a butterfly from. I always use these for something...I never throw them away! Then I stamped "Believe" in the center. That journaling frame is a rub-on.
 Another old school photo from 1976...
 Another close up....I used a chipboard clock to show that I had made a change in my life after all this time.
 The entire collage {bad photo}
Not only did I create these projects but I finished up an 8x8 album I had been working on for quite some time of photos from 2009. The day was a productive and restorative one!

With our Word of the Week being COMMITMENT I knew how important it was for me to commit to my art. I want you to commit to your art, too. Whatever it is. Maybe it's blogging, scrapping, knitting or sewing...take a few hours and just do it!!!

What will you commit to today?


  1. BTW - These are my FAVORITE types of blog posts!! Thanks for sharing. You have a beautiful kitty and house!

  2. What a gorgeous kitty!!! I love collages...we have a niece-in-law who is an artist (a worship artist actually) and she also creates collage art---you have inspired me. I'm going to ask her to come and give me lessons!

  3. Okay, I'm heading upstairs to my craft cave to create something before I head out to my WW weigh-in!!

  4. Wow Leslie..what a productive day you've had!!! I love the little peek into your life and where you go on a daily cool!

    I'm starting my long weekend in about an hour and I've got crafting on the schedule. I'm going to play around with photoshop, (I'm still not very good and need to go back over a few lessons!) I want to play with a couple of sketch challenges and make some cards. Also I want to spend a few hours just reading! me some reading time. A sonic trip is definitely on the agenda too!! :)

  5. loved seeing your town and so glad you got to be creative - those days are always the best... and your kitty is so cute too!

  6. LESLIE!!! LESLIE!!! LESLIE!!! I absolutely LOVE seeing the roads you travel each day (thanks for the shout out!) And what is around you ... love love love this! (I'm into 3's today...can you tell??)

    The Canvas pieces, my dear, are absolutely amazing. Seriously. So full of spirit and life, I can feel the energy bounce right off the screen. I'm so happy that you took this day for you - and I love what you did with it. You are, as always, such an inspiration to me! Love ya!

  7. you know I love ya an all but I have one question???? What the heck is a Spoofhound??????


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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