Thursday, November 4, 2010

Check out these "After" Photos

So yesterday I showed you these....

A yucky, depressing mess!

After spending a few hours picking up and putting away, dusting and mopping I have created a beautiful space that brings me joy and peace. Wonderful!!

Here is my bathroom....

I went through and wiped everything down, cleaned the mirror and scrubbed the floor and baseboards. Total time? 30 minutes.

Now for our bedroom. Can I just tell you how much JOY I had waking up to this space this morning.?  Wonderful!

The view from the hallway....I won't be embarrassed when people walk by now....

Just looking at these photos makes me smile!! I don't feel all anxious.

Taking a closer look at my side table...

A nice photo of Dave and I, a gift from a friend that means a lot to me and the latest book I'm reading along with my journals and a pad of paper for ideas.

Our big dresser has bugged me for years {seriously...I never knew what to put on top of it.}So taking a clue from my Mom it looks like this now....LOVE it!

That's my jewelry box to the right, my perfumes and lotions to the left of that. The basket contains my migraine meds and other stuff I take. A pretty candle sits in front of that along with a photo of Dave and I and  a cross my son gave me.The inspiration for my dresser came from my Great Aunt's hand embroidered place mat she gave me last weekend.

 A close-up of my fave perfumes and lotions. Most of my fragrances come from "Fresh". They are heavenly!!!!
 I adore birds and I found this cute, little guy on clearance last year. The castle is a perfume decanter from the early 70's I have had since I was 6 or 7. The "Faith" frame was a gift from one of my favorite people in the world-Kamron.

So what do you think? I am sooooo happy how it came out and the time this took....about 75 minutes. My goal is to keep our clothes put away, everything dusted and vacuumed weekly. I want this to be our retreat away from our worries every night!

Today I am busy preparing for about 7 or 8.... 9 to 11 year olds that will be in my home tonight ready to craft. They want to see my scrap room...too funny! While they are here we will be creating darling, little Christmas journals. I will share photos with you tomorrow.

What are your plans for the day?


  1. Ugh....I NEED...strike that...I MUST clean my house! Thanks for the inspiration...I need to get out from behind my computer and go and clean!

  2. I used to bring kids in to craft. Wish I could again!! I do have a group of teen boys that come in now...they aren't so into quilting. LOL

    Have fun, can't wait to see pics of the journals.

  3. Nice job Leslie..I love it too when things are clean and in order, it takes the chaos out of my head! I spent time last night in my storage closet and can finally actually walk into it!!! Felt great!!! Thanks for sharing and for encouraging us to get with it!!

  4. Good job Leslie! I'm sad to say I'm still here on the computer and haven't made a dent yet : ( Okay, I'm getting up right now!!!


  5. I'm glad you found me too!!! I did look for you on when I was on, but I was so hit and miss for awhile that I didn't stay caught up with many people. I felt a connection to you right away and only made that stronger with the scrapbooking hobby in common! Sure do appreciate you!! :)

  6. wow you've been busy...hope your on your way to my house next!!!!

  7. Check YOU out, lady! LOVE the "after" look! Be proud, girl. You'll feel more at peace not having that stuff to weigh you down. I'm so proud of you!

    Tonight I'll be making a yummy chicken salad for din din and spending some great time w/my chickies. Then, reading this evening (I'm so into that book - I can't wait to pick it up again!) Tomorrow - grocery shopping (always like filling up the frig w/goodies for the weekend). I think I'll work a bit on my Disney scrapbook too, that will be my creative adventure this weekend.

    Can't wait to see the December Journals. I have to start working on my December Daily book - did it last year and LOVED it. You should do one this year. I think I'll blog about it next week.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. very nice leslie! feels good, doesn't it?? i love, love love how my house feels after i thoroughly clean it...problem is, it just doesn't stay that way...i'm a "clean it up, mess it up...clean it up, mess it up" kind of a gal! :(

  9. Ok, now you can come to my place because you are an amazing cleaning whizz!

  10. I LOVE it when it's all put back together! ;) My place has been a WRECK ever since I started working 3 months ago

  11. Beautiful beautiful beautiful! A little bit of advice, tho? That is a beautiful dresser so why not put a piece of mirror, glass or pretty plate under the perfume decanters just in case of leaks that could ruin the wood finish? Ask me how I know!! Your bathroom looks so sparkling and shiney - I'm off to finish mopping mine. Your PROMPTness has sparked a fire under me - thank you!


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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