Monday, October 18, 2010

Living in Color

Note: While I am out of town I invited 3 ladies to guest post for me. This is Doris. I am not sure how we met but I am soooo happy I stumbled upon her blog. Please be sure and visit her when you a minute. She always writes such thought-provoking posts!! Thanks for this, Doris!:)

Do you notice the colors in the world around you?  There are so many different shades and hues; it’s a wonder our brains can take it all in.  Even as I sit here at my computer in a corner of my house I see pink, brown, beige, yellow, coral, blue, red, white, aqua, black… the list goes on and on!
I’ve always found it fascinating how some colors are soothing, some are invigorating, and some are even annoying (neon anything comes to mind)!  I decided to do a little research on the meaning of colors and chose the basic colors of the rainbow to share with you.
Red is exciting and energetic; red (and of course pink) are highly associated with romance.  Red has been shown to increase enthusiasm and encourage action.  Red is a color of confidence.  It is bold, and can sometimes be considered a color of aggression.  Beauty, love and good fortune are all common associations for red.  Did you know that red is the first color you lose sight of at twilight?
Orange is known as one of those colors that people either like it or they don’t, with very little “fence-riding” about it.  Orange, like yellow, is associated with energy and vivaciousness.  In China, orange represents happiness; however, orange in Christianity represents gluttony.  It looks like that “you like it or you don’t” philosophy is pretty accurate!
Yellow brings to mind happiness and optimism.  It is stimulating and often associated with energy.  Lance Armstrong said, “Yellow wakes me up in the morning.  Yellow gets me on the bike every day. Yellow has taught me the true meaning of sacrifice. Yellow makes me suffer. Yellow is the reason I am here.” 
Green is ever-present in the world around us.  So much so, our brains likely don’t even recognize its prevalence.  Green is tranquil and refreshing, and generally associated with peacefulness and nature.  In many cultures and religions, green represents resurrection and eternal life.
Blue is the most popular color and the least gender specific.  Blue represents dependability and constancy.  Lighter shades of blue have a calming, cooling effect, and the brighter shades tend to be described as dramatic.  In Mexico, Iran and Korea blue is a color that represents mourning.
Purple – which is my favorite color – is said to be a balance between the energy of red and the calming of blue.  It is said that purple is often the favorite color of those who are creative and/or eccentric.  Purple is associated with royalty.  Purple was the color of the first man-made dye, which was made out of coal tar – wow, that doesn’t sound very regal does it?!
The next time you’re out and about, take a minute to look around you at all the different colors in the world.  They all seem to blend together perfectly, which is amazing to me.  Humanity with all its quirkiness spends so much time trying to match colors or choose colors that complement each other – but in nature it all just seems to fit together effortlessly.
What is your favorite color and how does it make you feel?  What does it make you think of?  Consider looking up meanings and traditions about your favorite color – it’s interesting and fun!


  1. I like this breakdown of colors and what they represent - it explains a lot! I love cobalt blue. It almost became an obsession in my collections - I had to stop - so I started doing crisp brilliant red instead for awhile to break up the shelf full of cobalt. It was amazing to find how many different shades there are of red! Our leaves are turning and everytime I go outside, I'm amazed at the colors in the world around Fall time. I enjoyed this great article!

  2. Thank you! I was honored when Leslie asked me to do a guest post. I really do think it's amazing how most of us don't even stop to notice all the amazing colors there are in the world around us. Can you imagine a world without color???


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