Saturday, August 7, 2010

Having Fun {Day 13}

So, my very bestest HS friend and her DARLING family spent yesterday with us. So much fun!! What a hoot it was to go through my Senior Book last night....soooo many memories!!

What I have learned from this is....

Sharing our stories, writing them down, scrapbooking....this all means so much!!

I mean we both agreed we would have never remembered all this stuff without my Senior Book.  Our kids were laughing and both of mine are ready to begin creating their own school memories scrapbook now. I am gonna help them get started:)

Girls, telling the stories of our lives is IMPORTANT.

Telling our silly, giggly, stories is sooooo worth it {especially 25 years from now}

Tell your stories!

Here is today's Challenge...

Challenge#13: take that stack of photos you organized the other day and turn them into your very own scrapbook kits. I began dong this nearly 10 years ago. So fun! Gather a grouping of photos, paper, embellishments, a layout idea and your journaling. Put everything in one of those 2.5 gallon plastic bags. Then when you have some time just grab a bag and get to work!


I love your girls so much. I appreciate your support  of this 31 Days Challenge!! I sure hope you are learning and growing and having a blast!

I am off to spend another day with to you Sunday

And do something to get your story told today!!


  1. While in college, my daughter's friends always made fun of her when she always showed up with her camera. Now, years later, they are ever so grateful to have her memory albums to look back on.

  2. Question: where do you buy plastic bags that size?

  3. Old friends are so awesome -- what a treat for you and your friends. Sometimes it feels like no time has gone by, you know? I love that your kids and their kids have met - it's the neatest thing! I'm happy for you!


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!