Thursday, August 12, 2010

Projects and Values {Day 18}

So, how is the 31 Days Creativity Challenge going for you? I know it is a busy time but I do hope you have added more creativity to your life in the past few weeks {even if it hasn't been everyday}. The Challenge, for me, has been amazing. Ever since I began scrapbooking nearly 13 years ago I have struggled with taking time to do my craft. I do believe, at long last, creativity will be more than just a daily thought. It will be a way of life and that is what my goal was.

Throughout the past few weeks I find myself not only doing my crafts, but looking at my world differently. When I look at nature, a magazine, my home, a book, whatever it may be...

I see inspiration.

I see what could be...

I see something that could be used in a painting or a page or a new way to arrange my home.

Today I want to share a few projects I've finished, today's Challenge a few other fun bits.

This was the Challenge from Day #12 where I asked you to take a favorite shape or buttons or flowers or whatever you wanted and repeat it. I love butterflies....

I won this butterfly bunch years ago at a crop in Kansas City. At the time I didn't think I would ever use it. Now it's become my signature!

Do you recognize this paper? It's one of my backgrounds from the Artistic Mother Challenge.

I cut those flowers out of a piece of patterned paper from Fancy Pants and that darling, little bird is a stamp from October Afternoon.

On Day #5 I ask you to make a Top 50 list of things you love. Then on Day #8 I ask you to create a layout using on of your "loves". Here is mine...

{i apologize for the bad's hard to photograph a double layout} This is a 2-page layout featuring my son Jackson and our very special day we spent together.

On the top left I used stickers to spell out "Things I Love"...{Time With Jacks}. 

Jackson and I spent one afternoon in St. Joe at the arcade and Target. It was a particular hard time for my son...he was getting made fun of a lot here and really needed something good in his life. Imagine how thrilled we both were when he WON nearly 1,000 tickets!!:) He got a framed poster of Homer Simpson...

Yesterday I invited you to write down 50 things you value. Remember value=importance, worth. I haven't come up with 50 yet...but I made it to 33. Here are a few of mine...

1.A good night's rest
2.Time spent one on one with my kids and Dave
3. My walks with Kristin
4.Volunteering my time at church
5.creating, reading, writing
6.quality time with my Mom
7.Having a healthy body
8.supporting my kids in their activities
9.Our constitution and helping preserve it
10.our home

Just looking at these ten Values I know where I should be spending my time. I know what I will commit to and what I will say "No" to.

That's a good feeling.

I have two projects I'm excited about. They involve these...

I am gonna show you step by step what I do with them. Stay tuned...

Challenge Day #18:Remember those scrappy kits I encouraged you to make Day #13? Well, if you haven't had time to do that...get to it. I know I was gone most of that day so I want to create at least 2 kits this afternoon. If you did happen to get a few done...take time today to start one of your kits. I would love to se...e your work. Post it on your blogs and send me a link!!!


Have a great day, girls!

Spend time with your kids, your spouse, yourself.

Spend time doing those things you value.

One more thing...I snapped this photo of my sweet, Gizmo this morning. He just brightens my day. And he is always with me while I write my posts.:)

 Oh could I forget? I promised you another give away since we are over 100 Followers now sooooo...

*Leave a comment here for one chance
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What is up for grabs??

How about another collage pack? I will have homemade tags, papers, punches, ribbons a few other things!!!

Oh AND {lol} I have a NEW blog look coming soon:)


  1. These are amazing! I wish I'd had time to join in & hope you do it again!

  2. Great post. I was on vacation for a chunk of the challenge but was conscious of the challenge every day. In addition to writing in my travel journal, and doodling in my doodle journal, and getting a chance to explore some great bead, paper, and craft stores while on vacation ( thus generating more inspiration ) just knowing that I was participating in the challenge made me look at everything more creatively.

    Now that I'm back I'm still doing that and am getting settled in to play with some new toys along with some old ones.

  3. Leslie, LOVE the new look. Do I see shades of "chaos" in your header????? Looking forward to this weekend where I can squeeze in a little bit of creative time making some cards!!

  4. I L-O-V-E that painting!!!!! L-O-V-E it!!!! Amazing!! As with everything else right now I'm still behind but It's ok- I know your goal wasn't for us to be right on schedule- it was to spark our creativity and help us make time for it. Well I FINALLY painted something today- I haven't worked on furniture in over a month. I feel great!!! I will continue to to take this challenge and eventually have enough time to actually do a post on it ;)


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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