Monday, August 16, 2010

Exciting! {Day 22}

Happy Monday, girls. I love Mondays...time to start fresh. 

Well, only 9 days left of the 31 Days Challenge. Overall I am thrilled with what I have accomplished. So much creativity going on here;)

Here is today's Challenge...

Creative Challenge Day #22:Create a scrapbook layout or collage using the following prompts..."A turning point:To what or whom do you owe your position in life today?" "A class:Can you recall a course that took your career or interests in a new level?" "A hobby:How has your life been enriched by a decision to embark o...n a new pasttime?" (from CK magazine, April 2006)



I want  you to make a "Daily Excitement List". It's from the article "How to Enthuse Your Muse" by Gail McMeekin. Here's what she says...


"Detail your passion and commitment to your creative project. What fascinates you and motivates your art? How does your art matter to other people or to the world? Read this list when you're stuck or stalled."



Have you ever even thought about creating a list like this? I hadn't till reading this article. I mean I have never detailed my passion or my commitment to what I do. Not even my writing which is passion number 1. 


So today, I'm gonna take out my journal and come up with something. I will be sure and share later in the week.


Let me know how you're doing.


Oh and one more thing. Check out my friend Leanne's Blog today. I LOVE her idea {and know you will, too}


  1. Awe - sweet you!!! Thanks for mentioning my project - I'm having fun with it, and actually getting it DONE! (Love that!) I don't know what it is, but I'm in a BIG MOOD to simplify life, you know? So loving all of the challenges, though, Les! I actually copied all of them in a word document so I can catch up on ones I've missed. You are so inspiring - you make me HAPPY!

  2. Leann...these are so good! I'm going to have to go back and print out all of your challenges and make sure I do them! SOOOOOO good! Oh, my goodness...I just read Leanne's post above and we are thinking the SAME thing!

    I'll be gone for a little r&r for a few days. So will have photos to share when I get back.

    Thanks for your support of my e-course! Ladies are signing up! yaeee!

    Have a great week and I'll check back on Saturday!

  3. Dear Leslie-I am so proud of you! Your creativity challenge has been amazing! I think that writing down our passions (or dreams/ goals, accomplishments etc) really make a difference. It helps us see things clearly and sends a message to the Universe. xxx

  4. I'm still making my way thru the list. This one as easy as it sounds feels like its going to be a tough one for me! We'll see. ;)

  5. You pose some very thought-provoking questions - challenges, all.

    One thing that has definitely enhanced my life is learning how to crochet. I know - it sounds so mundane! I was an at-home wife, pregnant with #1, and this dear elderly lady up the street insisted that I could learn to crochet. I insisted I was just too stupid to catch on to what looked like an abstract thing to me - making an afghan out of yarn loops? What the heck? But, she persisted, and I did learn, after several starts and stops.

    That was 13 years ago, and since then I have made many afghans and scarves (I'm not good enough to do sweaters or mittens!) and have donated them to various church organizations who distribute them to the homeless and to area shelters.

    That hobby is oftentimes soothing, and it's nice to see the colors and patterns coming together into something pretty, and knowing that someone "out there" will benefit and use the item.

  6. Another wonderful challenge - you really are bringing people together with your thought-provoking questions!
    I wanted to thank you for your kind words on my blogiversary - they really made me smile. We have had a tough couple of days around here - lost our family dog yesterday after 18 years. So, I'm sorry for the delay in response. :) Me xoxox


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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