Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What Do You Value {Day 17}

After spending 24 hours with my darling Emma I am ready to give more of my time to her this year. 

I mean who wouldn't want to spend time with this beautiful soul?

These darling photos were taken by one of my best friends Rochelle. Didn't she do a GREAT job?

{Em is laughing here because, you see, as Rochelle is snapping away there are cars whizzing by...This old train bridge happens to be on our main street-LOL. Em was so embarrased!}

Em and I drove Jackson to Nauvoo, Illinois for church camp-EFY. After dropping him off in the morning she and I spent the day shopping, eating, laughing and just being together. It was GREAT!

Life gets so busy I forget just how blessed I am to have my daughter.

"A mother's treasure is her daughter." -- Catherine Pulsifer

On the 4 hour drive home yesterday I thought a lot about our time together, what we talked about and how I spend my time.

Our Day #11 Challenge was to keep track of  where you spend your time, remember?

I spend a lot of my time on the computer, cleaning, doing laundry, cooking, watching TV and worrying how I'm gonna get it all done. That's why this 31 Days Creativity Challenge has been so important to me...I want to make sure I'm doing something everyday that inspires and refreshes my soul. I need that.

Today's Challenge goes beyond how you spend your time. Today's challenge deals with what it is you VALUE.

relative worth, merit, or importance: the value of a college education; the value of a queen in chess
So VALUE =importance, worth
We have 24 hours each and everyday.

24 hours to work, clean, be with loved ones, pursue our passions.

This week I realized I spend too much of my time doing things that are not important to me or my family. {watching DVR'd talk shows, cooking shows,etc., surfing the net reading mindless junk from Hollywood, checking and rechecking FB, my blog and e-mails}

I am not saying it's not important to check FB or my's how much I check them that's the problem.

So on today's Challenge...

Challenge Day #17:Write a list of 50 Things you VALUE in your life. Promise yourself that as we enter a new season {Autumn} only those things on your list are what your energies will go into. 


 I am going to take today and list in my journal the 50 Things I Value. 

Just to let you know some of the creative stuff I've been up to...



Since I was gone for a few days I wasn't able to create anything. However I did purchase the lastest "Where Women Create" magazine. Oh WOW!! Why haven't I bought this sooner? Amazing!! {and i've only read the first few pages}

So, while I haven't created anything I've been writing blog posts, journaling and thinking like crazy!! Coming up with ideas for Words of Me Project, projects and more:) 


One more thing...remember to let me know if you are taking the 31 Days Challenge. Even if you only wrote each Challenge down to do later...let me know. I am working on something special for each of you:) Please lave a comment below!!


  1. Love your challenges. I have been following along and doing them at my pace. :) I've blogged a few times. I have had so much fun in my journal the last few days - I've kept journals all my life but this one is looking like it may be my favorite! This has been really fun! Thanks.

  2. She is so beautiful Les and growing so fast! You must be so proud!

  3. So right on, Leslie!!! I love that you are 'smelling those roses!!!'

    As you know, the whole idea of remembering those things that I "value" is on my mind this week!!!

    In addition to that - the girlies and I are heading over to Archivers to enjoy an afternoon of FUN SCRAPBOOKING!!! I'm taking the camera with, so we will definitely have some fun photos to share later!!! LOVE the challenges, Les! You help me keep that focus of CREATE on my brain! THANK YOU!!!!

  4. EFY in Nauvoo is simply amazing. There's a special spirit in Nauvoo it's crazy how much you can feel the savior's love for you there. Jackson will love it!
    And if they haven't changed it too much since I went there's going to be a moment when all the girls are crying.

  5. Oh Leslie! You've read my really lame bucket list! How on earth could I possibly come up with 50 things I value??????!!!!! I'll try though, just for you :-) Thanks for visiting my blog -

    Why 52 words to describe your life from Oct. 2009 - Oct. 2010? Is that number significant to you? The way I ramble, I'd need 2,052 words! hee

  6. hi leslie...yes...i am a bit like you...spend lots of time doing the same things as you...many of which i don't love... this one i am writing tonight...yes...i am following your 31 day

  7. ps...your daughters photos are

  8. Leslie,
    Oh, my friend...what do I value??
    My relationship with the Lord,
    my family...running through the sprinkler with my 3 year old...conversations with my thoughtful 8 year old daughter...watching my son just savoring building his model airplanes and painting them...and being blessed with a great man for a husband. Thanks for reminding me to think of those things...and you know lots of those mundane duties are part of taking care of this home and the people I value that are in it. The duties are living the values...there's always going to be dirty dishes and they've got to get done...someday it'll just be 2 plates. Anyway, I love the intention in the list!

  9. She's so beautiful. Inside and out! Thank you for bringing her to KC with you...we loved meeting her! :)

  10. Hi Les - just tried emailing 2 headers to you, but I'm not sure if they went through. Email me when you get a chance and let me know.

  11. What a great project to spend time on. Between Leanne's "smelling the roses" post and this one on value I have lots of great things to think about. I know I haven't quite joined you on your 31 days project (oh how I wish I had the time--I should just keep notes like you say others are doing), but are you going to join me for football (the BFL ;)?

  12. Dear Leslie-first of all-your daughter is so beautiful!! Just stunning...and she seems like a gentle soul, a little shy and sweet:) I really love your idea of writing down what we value and eliminating the stuff that isn't needed. Just letting go, paring down...simplicity. If it was up to me, I would live a very spartan life (hubby has different ideas!). Things have bean super hectic here ever since Tara gave up her morning nap (yikes!). And I am kinda' taking your challenge Leslie-whenever i can. thank you so much for all the super sweet comments you laeve on my blog and... you are doing a great job with your challenge. You have put so much of thought and effort into it; it shows! thank you! xxx

  13. LOVE these photos of Em. Such a beautiful model! I am more often writing down the challenges and look forward to doing more of it once I get past the craziness of getting students registered, but I am very much looking forward to it!! I will definitely spend some time today thinking about what I value in my life.

  14. Great Pictures of Emma. She is beautiful! We are home! Are you home? We need to get together!! I have been doing some of your challenge but plan to get it together and do more now that we are back. Good stuff, Les. How blessed I am to know you!

  15. Hey Les -- Em is so beautiful! You must have a great time together. I just ordered a book called The Artist's Way - A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity.

    I am excited to get in the mail and start working on it!

  16. I have daughter envy! My sons are great, but I sure would love to have a girl day:)


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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