Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This has never happened!! {Day 9}

Okay, so I am gonna try and remain CALM...




I just wrote a LONG post

and Blogger just told me that it did not publish.

It said we can't process your request.



I will re-write it later.

I have much to share...lots of photos...

I will post today's challenge and try the rest later:)

Day#9 Challenge: No what your crafty/artsy obession is there is an inspirational Blog for that!! Today just type in "art collage", "mixed media art", "journaling ideas", "scrapbook layout ideas"...anything you want and find some new blogs! If you find some awesome ones be sure and share them with us:)


  1. Oh no! Did you make sure it didn't save to a draft? I would be SO upset! Good job remaining calm : )

  2. I have had that happen once, but mine was safe in drafts...very frustrating...I agree though CONGRATS on staying calm!

  3. Dear Leslie-Oh-I am so sorry that happened to you-what a pain!! I love your idea though and will try this later when Tara is asleep. I also just picked up the current issue of Artful Blogging and there are tons of amazings blogs in there. These mags are such a treat(all Sommersets are my absolute fave art/inspiration)-I can't buy too many though; they really add up!
    a blog I am already loving is gypsy girl's guide

  4. oh no...i sometimes oose my work as my pad is touchy on my appy and i accidently press back...grr!!!its annoying hey!!!xxx

  5. Sorry Les! (That would SO bum me out!) Tonight I'm having some challenges w/blogger, so perhaps it's just a blogger full moon, huh? Love your daily challenges - I've found myself falling a bit behind on my creative moments the past couple days ... but PG is home on Sunday ... I'll be FULL FORCE upon his return!! Still, I'm loving my visits here, as always!!!

  6. Okay, so remaining calm is a good thing...you listen to your inner voice, just as you do when you create!! Kudos, Leslie!! Looking forward to the photos you post.

  7. I got fed up with blogger problems and then I found windows live writer it's free and it makes blogging sooooooo much easier. I am off to find some new blogs to drool over :)


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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