Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Decorating {Day 10}

So yesterday, I wrote this 45 minute long post only to have Blogger lose it. Grrrrr....but I must say, I was impressed with how how handled it. For a few short moments I was MAD. Then, I began to calm down when I realized that, in the realm of things losing a blog post wasn't that big of a deal.

Let's try this one again;)

This Friday one of my dearest friends from my childhood is coming to my home. Rhonda and I have known each other since we were 2 years old. Unbelievable. Throughout grade school and on into High School we spent many nights cruising around in her red Mustang, listening to the "Footloose" soundtrack and giggling about boys. So many memories...

Now, I want things to be just right in my home. You know how it is. Perfect. Not a thing out of place. Pretty towels in your bathroom, clean sheets on the beds. The minute they walk in the door I want them to say "Wow". {and not in a "wow, this place is a mess" kind of way}. I want the whole place to smell fresh, like a field of fragrant flowers. I want them to think they've walked into the pages of "Southern Living" Magazine...

I've had lots to do this week. And since I happen to be in the middle of the 31 Days Challenge I thought why not combine the two? Put some creativity into my, re-purpose and re-do. I've had so much inspiration from Angie and was a snap:)

This is my Baby Grand Piano. {btw, i didn't take before photos...what I was thinking...i have no idea}. Before there were too many photos and it needed a nice polishing...

I re-arranged as well as took a few photos from other areas of our home and put them here. See that orange painting? That's mine:)

Here is the fireplace that's in this same room. That Family sign is one of my favorites!

A few weeks ago I shared these flowers with is the entire look.

It's my dining room. What I like best about this space clutter. This table tends to accumulate folded clothes and paper piles. NO MORE! That framed piece of art is a fave piece I purchased several years ago at an art fair. It is a clay sun with the word "Blessings" below it.

This is my "new" living room wall. Probably my favorite re-do of all. My husband was trying to help one day and surprise me. He hung the Ten Commandents on this wall {too high} then directly under that a large picture of Christ. That was it. He had this large space to fill but did that! I didn't want to hurt his feelings so I left it like that for 2 years. Finally, a few days ago inspiration struck and I took photos and that wreath and word plaque from others rooms in my home and created what you see here. Much better!

Sometimes all we need are fresh photos in frames. That's what I did here. Love the results! Again, I took photos from other parts of the house and put them here.

Other goals I have for our living room include...

*new throw pillows {i found EXACTLY what I want yesterday. The CUTEST turquoise pillows with funky circles in it.}
*one of those vinyl wall sayings on my big wall
*I really want to "trade-in" that black shelf for something bigger and nicer

I have never been very good at decorating. Really, I need Angie from Treasures here. She would know what to do!! 

I will tell you though I am getting better. I mean since I started being creative everyday I'm noticing that I DO look at things differently. I am taking what iIlove to use in my collages and my scrapbooking and finding ways to incorporate them into my home. Love that.

Finally today here is my finished piece I created using my THREE favorite words:


A closer look...
I gessoed a piece of cardboard, then took bubble wrap dipped in red paint and put on the right side. On the left is some ripped scrap paper. There are "Word Fetti" stickers {my very fave stickers}, chipboard pieces, pattern paper bits, flowers, brads and the words were created by foam letter stamps and acrylic paint.

How are you coming with your THREE WORDS art project? Please let us know if you're finished and if you've put it on your blog leave a link in the comments section.

Here is today's Challenge...

Challenge #10: Go through a stack of photos. I have sooo many that aren't organized. Who am I kidding...none of my photos are organized!! Anyway, start with a stack and sort them out, put them in in photo albums or leave a few out to scrap. Just by doing a bit each week eventually you can get them all safely put away t...o enjoy later on. Be sure and jot any memories down you may have while sorting.Enjoy!!


  1. Love it, Les! I can't wait to see it in person.

  2. Fun stuff. I hope you have a blast with your friend! And I adore your pages with your words!!!! AWESOME, you creative diva!

  3. That's inspiring! I have a lot of clutter to deal with and it's exhausting just thinking about dealing with it.

  4. You did a great job! I love your creativity!!!!

    I use to scrap book all the time when Kyle was smaller. I put all of his baby pictures in cute albums with sub titles and cute stickers...ya know, the whole works. But over the years I have stashed all away in a closet.

  5. I keep hoping to get the organization bug from you but it's not happening yet. The good thing is that my hubby had a co-worker come by so we had to do a thorough cleaning. At least that part's done : ) Onward we move!


  6. dear Leslie-wow-17 years of marriage! You are so blessed! I love what you have done with your spaces-especially love that orange flower of yours. I find that inexpensive ways to brighten up the home are fresh flowers. Sometimes from your garden...or herbs in a pot. Candles too. and you are right to declutter. Also-maybe a little gift basket in her room; like in a hotel with soap and shampoo, a fave magazine. I think the most important thing to make her heart leap are all the shared memories and HEART of you both spending time together. Enjoy. xxx

  7. I love your 3 word canvas! The bubble wrap is so fun to include. And I really need to organize my photos a little at a time, too. I'll get there in time =)


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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