Monday, August 23, 2010

Busy, Busy Day {Day 29}

It's Monday!! And as much as I LOvE Fridays...I love MOndays, too. It's like a blanket of fresh snow.

This MOnday will be a bit more hectic than most. We are packing for our trip to DC. We leave in the morning and are sooooo excited I don't  know how we're gonna be able to sleep tonight;)

Before the day is done or sometime in the morning I will be posting one more time then I'm off for 7 days. I'm sure I'll have much to talk about and dozens of photos to share. If you are a friend on FB I will be posting frequently, sharing our adventures.

Here is today's Challenge...

Creative Challenge Day #29:Only 3 more creative Challenge's left, girls. The month has gone so fast! Today will be spent packing for our DC trip and getting the house all picked up before we leave in the morning. However I still plan on squeezing 10 minutes of creative time in just because it makes me happy! Why not 10 minutes for yourself doing whatever it is that de-stresses you and puts a smile on your face:)

And remember to leave a comment here, letting me know if you have participated in the Challenge!! eAch of you will be receiving on of these from me:)




  1. Hi! Thanks for following me - I have actually been following you for a while now! Love your blog!

  2. have a safe safe safe safe fun exciting adventurous trip. This week, I plan on doing some CREATING, girlfriend! I'll miss you while you are gone (seriously - what am I going to do w/out you this week???) Love to the kids and DH and I'll look forward to some great pics upon your return!!! Be safe!!! (And make sure you go to the Newseum... it's fanTAStic!)

  3. Hi Leslie - I'm Leanne's Sister (and good friend of Peggy's) and now your newest follower. Have a great trip to DC!!

  4. Thanks for the challenge and getting me energized.

    Enjoy your trip!

  5. Leslie, My sweet friend! Have a GREAT time on your trip and thanks for inspiring me to embrace creativity every day this last really focus on it and intentionally do something creative. My creativity last week was so indulged in taking pictures on our I've posted the last 3 days of blogs on South Dakota...maybe the SD Dept. of Tourism will hire me for promoting the state! HA!

    THANKS for the award! It's my first one! You are so kind!

    Love & grace,

  6. Dear Leslie-Have a great (and safe) trip! Thank you so much for all the efort and time you have put into the creative challenge...I only followed parts of it but it was very inspirational and motivating. Also-I loved your "simple list"...a happy family...lots to be thankful for:)see you next week.

  7. Les...i can't find day #28....where did it go? I got thrown off track by being out of town for one whole week of the challenge, but i am determined to keep working on it, at a slower pace. THANK YOU for inspiring me to get into my craft room, organize it, purge, and enjoy myself once again. Love you lots!


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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