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"All I have to do is offer up what comes naturally to me-which is to share my passion for inspiration, motivation and encouragement-and from that I know that no matter what choices I make in my life, my Heart Voice will be there for me when I'm ready."  
-Carmen Torbus

Hello friends! It's been awhile since I 've blogged on a consistent basis.
But it's taken a long time for me to understand what Carmen is saying...

"All I have to do is offer up what comes naturally to me...."

I was incredibly blessed to spend last week in Boise, Idaho at Brave Girl's Symposium.

The BRAVE and Beautiful Melody Ross

Kalli and Jeanne Oliver...two incredible Spirits!!!

That's me second from the left. These women were hilarious!!

On the left is my friend Dot. TRULY one of the KINDEST people I have ever met!!! The women in the middle I got to know over breakfast. So sweet!!! She is from Armenia!!

My fried and Sister D'Wana. She sang her Beautiful Heart out. So proud of her!!!!

The lessons learned in those few days will stay with me ALWAYS. 

I am SUPER excited to share a BRAND NEW venture with you...
my friend and fellow artist Sherry Canino has invited me to be a part of a VERY special class called...

The Empowered Creative Woman.

You can learn all about it in this video by Sherry...

(please click on READ MORE  that's below to view the video)

Be on the lookout for our Facebook group made specifically for this class.

Please stop by Sherry's blog to read more about it, too along with your supply list for the first week....


  1. So wonderful to see the pictures from your trip and how much the Brave Girls symposium meant to you. I know that from everything you've shared and everything I've read, watched, etc., I'd love to go to that one day. I'm so happy that you are going to be joining with Sherry on this wonderful class for us. You both are so amazing!! You both are brave and beautiful souls! Who could ask for more? Wishing you much joy and love, my friend. I'm looking forward to this week and the start of this wonderful journey with you both!!! ❤❤❤


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