Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Work Desks and Suzi Blu

It has just been too, too long since I showed you my Work Desk and linked up with Julia at Stamping Ground. Thanks to my friend Kay for the inspiration today!!

Here is what my desk looks like right now...

All kinds stamps and paint to use on my Index Card a Day Challenge.

I also went through a few weeks ago and re-arranged my work desk. Love it so much better now...more room {well, when I keep it cleaned}.

My friend Andria from Drawing Near sent me dozens of images, phrases and mail art goodies a few weeks ago. This "Be Creative" piece is from her.

Thanks again, Andria!!!

I picked up this little gem in Springfield a few weeks ago...

Have you seen this?? It is amazing!! Oh, that Suzi Blu is a talented girl.

Here is a peek inside...

Suzi goes through and teaches you how to create amazing girls for all your mixed media projects.

This is one from the book. Isn't it gorgeous?? Each of her girls has a different look....all amazing!! Along with the book you get a CD so you can see Suzi's process. This was a GREAT deal at $25!! Purchase it here.

Here is my first attempt...

I have a WAYS to go but I am on my way!!

I hope you've enjoyed seeing all I'm up to. Be sure and stop by Stamping Ground for more fabulous desks:)

What are YOU working on???


  1. Looks like a fun work desk to me!!! That book looks amazing! You did a super job with the face:)

  2. bet you have lots of fun at that desk
    have a fab crafty week
    kay #25

  3. I never heard of that book but I would love to see it. I wish I could buy that picture you shared from the book. The girl is so beautiful. Wow.

    Sounds like lots of fun in store for you.

    I like the white wire shelf you are using. I have seen those at crops and love the idea of lifting up stuff for more storage. Nice. Sometimes moving things around is just the creative boost we all need. Enjoy your new space.

    Come play at my desk when you are free.

    Belinda (103)

  4. I KNEW I recognized that little cupcake tag in the first picture--lol! I'm glad you are enjoying all of your collaging goodies! Suzi Blu's book looks really useful for learning how to draw fun faces...have a good time with that.

  5. Such a lot going on... I love all the colours

  6. It’s amazing the difference it can make just moving and rearranging a few thing but if you’re anything like me I tend to forget where the new home of things I need are and spend quite a while trying to find things until I get used to it.

    The new book looks great. I envy anyone who can draw. I wasn’t too bad when I was at school and did O level art but I’ve lost it now and can’t draw for toffee.

    Happy Crafting!

  7. I love Suzi Blu too! Her book is on my list of Must Haves, but I have to wait. Your first attempt looks great! :-)

  8. I almost bought that book for my daughter's birthday, but went with another title in the end. It's interesting to get a peek inside. As for the Japanese girls on my workdesk you asked about, they are on the front cover of my diary and not created by me I'm afraid. They are cute though :o)

  9. What a lot of interest in your workspace. Love your drawing - Hazel WOYWW #82 x

  10. I'm horribly late, but so what!! Loving your girly drawing, and the fact that you're so inspired to do them...I agree, that Suzi Blue, so talented! Love the sight of your desk and its paper protector...a work of art in itself!


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!