Thursday, August 4, 2011

This is American Idol

We bought our tickets May 22nd at approx. 10:01 AM.
Row 29 Floor.
We were thrilled.

Tuesday August 2nd at approx. 2:45 PM.
We left Maryville for Kansas City.

We can't believe it's finally the day!

We decided to make a night of it.
Zona Rosa for tacos and good conversation.

Yes, my boy ate all thas!

At approx. 5:35 we left the restaurant for downtown KC.
The concert was less than 2 hours away.
We were all so anxious to see Scotty and Lauren and Casey and James.

Our excitement was building.
We ate snow cones to calm us down.

At last the lights dimmed, Ryan Seacrest came on the bid screen and the American Idol theme music came on.

THIS is American Idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The crowd roared.
And these girls came on stage.

Thia, Lauren, Naima and Hayley.
What a thrill to see the Idols at last!

My daughter Em loved Stefano.

He sung his heart out.
We all agreed he had come a long way since Idol. 

What a nice surprise when two of our favorites popped on stage, out of the blue.
Casey and James.
Those two can SING now!

And each one of them was so personable with the audience.
They love life and we could tell.

The ladies seemed to sing more than the guys.
That's Thia, Lauren and Pia.

Speaking of Lauren.
She is a darling.
Oh my goodness.
What a cute girl!
Sassy and Spunky.

We loved the stage. Everything was so BIG and COLORFUL.

Before we knew it the first half was over. 
It was time for intermission.
We still hadn't seen Scotty yet...

When he finally arrived on stage the crowd jumped out of their seats, arms up and screamed "Scotty, Scotty."

He sang "I Love You This Big".
Loved it.

The moment I saw him at Idol try-outs I said..."That's the winner." 
I just always have adored Scotty.
He talked to us quite a bit and thanked David Cook's family for a wonderful KC BBQ at their home.
David Cook was the American Idol a few season's back and is from Kansas City.

Emma and I waited all night to hear Scotty and Lauren sing.
They were awesome!!!
I am pretty sure they have a thing going on;)

Hayley {she came in third} was so funky and silly.
Just loved her, too.
And her voice was incredible.

Before we knew our time with the Idols was over.
But what a wonderful time it was.
I snapped this photo outside the Sprint Center as we walked back to our car.

I can't think of a better time.
Awesome concert.
Delicious food.
Time spent with family.


  1. Looks like so much fun--a night to remember!

  2. What a great recap...I feel like I was there!! Did you take all those pictures? You guys must have been CLOSE (or you have a SPECTACULAR zoom lens!). James was always my favorite this season.

  3. What a perfect time! I had James picked as the winner DRATS! LOL

  4. And yes, for the record...I took these photos:)

  5. All I got to say is FUN! My Syd & I would have loved it! And Lee Dewyze {the link} singing Hallelujah was my favorite Idol moment of all time! And David Cook singing Billie Jean. {OK I'm an Idol junkie} I love people going for their dreams, finding their talent, and owning it with a humble heart.


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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