Monday, August 22, 2011

I Have Arrived

My Business cards are IN. Here they are...

I found this awesome website that let's you take your Art and put them on your Biz cards.

 I was able to choose 6 images...

I knew exactly the ones I wanted. And I knew I wanted rounded corners on my cards. It cost $4 more but so worth it!

The quality of the cards is excellent. They are heavier than a playing card!

I thought long and hard about the name of my Creative Biz...
I just kept coming back to this...

Brave Girl Art. 
  When I'm creating
and putting myself out there 
I just feel so...BRAVE.

I mean this is NOTHING I would have
ever considered for myself
just one year ago.


However, because of the classes 
I've taken,
blogs I've read, 
techniques I've learned...
I can do this now.

I have learned how to be BRAVE. 
I am a BRAVE GIRL and I create.

**If I ever decide to sale on Etsy or anywhere else on the Web I will not use this name for obvious reasons.  This is local for me at the moment and at this time I have no intention of selling on Etsy.**

Here are a few things I've been working on...

Golds, browns and dark greens are becoming my favorite colors to use in my projects.

Lots of ink
and lace
and texture.

Butterflies keep popping up all over my work,  too.

Something so simple...but I really love it.

Couldn't you see this sitting on a nightstand in your bedroom?

Remember all those wooden blocks from a few weeks ago? Here is what I'm doing with them.

These are meant to motivate and inspire you.
Perfect for your desk top
or sitting on a shelf.

I must say Thank You 
to my friend and fellow creator, Jodi
for the inspiration here.

If you haven't seen Jodi's work...
be sure and stop by. 
She inspires me daily.

With your help I'm so close
to reaching my Follower goal of 300.
You girls are AWESOME!! Thank you!!!

The contest closes at 5PM CST tonight. I will announce the WINNERS tomorrow!!!!!!

What shape or word or symbol keeps popping up in your ART??


  1. I love them! So cute! I love Moo too (though at the moment I truly do not need business cards). Will you sell any of those blocks online? What a clever idea! Best of luck- Maggie

  2. Just love your work...oh, and those cards are amazing...good luck with you business...are you doing local craft markets?

  3. Oh, dearest!!!! You can't see me, but I am smiling from EAR TO EAR!!! I LOVE YOUR CARDS!!! And you are going to laugh - because we really are on the same path and I just happened to order my cards LAST NIGHT (for real!) Although I'm kind of sad that I didn't wait for YOUR cards and hear about Moo. I wasn't aware of them (Moo) and went in a different direction. But I LOVE YOUR CARDS!!! LOVE THEM!!!! Way to go, you BRAVE GIRL! I am so proud of you!

  4. Love your cards!!! And, love the art work. Funny, butterflies are such beautiful creatures, how they flutter into our lives!

  5. Your cards are great! Love the "She Art" ones, "SHE Knew SHE Could Fly" Yes SHE could!!

  6. Your business cards look fantastic! It is so wonderful that you can put your own artwork on them so that they truly represent YOU.

  7. I love the idea of calling it Brave Girl Art! Even as just a description of what you do. Really, aren't we all creating Brave Girl Art? :) It's a style all our own, from our souls, as much its own style as Pointillism, Calligraphy, or Needlepoint. I love how your cards turned out! Go get 'em! :)


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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