Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Heart Spilling-Link Party

Welcome to What's on My Work Desk Wednesday. 
I love showing you my space and all my projects!

This week I have kept busy....

"My work is giving space
to the creative spirit-
learning to get out of its way 
and be in its service at the same time." 
-Gabrielle Roth, Dancer and Healer

Working with all of my favorites...

vintage ladies

"Just don't give up trying to 
do what you really want to do. 
Where there is love and inspiration, 
I don't think you can go wrong."
  -Ella Fitzgerald, singer

Busy as a bee and making quite the mess.

"I think the creative process
is not about creating something else; 
it's about the process itself creating who I am."
  -Mayumi Oda, Artist and Writer

Remember a few posts back I told you I have been flexing my courage muscles?

I am.
And it's hard and scary 
and I'm trying not to be too cautious.
Not to be nervous and second guess my self and my abilities.

"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage."  -Anais Nin, Writer

This October I am headed to Clarinda, Iowa for my very first show.

I have been signed up for months.
Planning and prepping and creating.

"To fear is one thing. 
To let fear grab you 
by the tail and swing you
around is another." 
-Katherine Paterson, Writer

This week it was official. My business cards finally arrived!

Soooo excited to share them with you along with where I purchased them later this week.
Even my teenagers think they are pretty sweet;)

Ya' know what's crazy...I have been so frightened to share this here with all of you.
I guess I thought if I put it out there...
it would be "real".
I would have to follow through with it.

But I am following through.
I have found my passion in life.
And I am so ready to see where this all takes me!

"Courage is the power to let go of the familiar."  -Mary Bryant

Day by Day I am letting go.
I am exploring.

My art is spilling out of my heart into my work.

"When you have a dream, 
you've got to
grab it and never let it go."
 -Carol Burnett, Actress and Comedienne 

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  1. Leslie, This beautiful work! I am so excited for you for being brave and being you! Big steps happen when we take the little steps behind the scenes! Your first show and your business cards . . . I'm right there with ya, holding your hand and taking the leap of faith!

  2. So VERY AWESOME! Congrats to you!!! :-)

  3. How wonderful! What an inspiration you are! Love the artwork and all those great quotes!

  4. Wonderful work, and well done on stepping out like that - Go for it.

  5. An extra special creative desk and products coming from it. Really exceptional. Good luck for your exhibition... you should have all the confidence you need as your work is great. Suze Weinberg wrote a quote on my craft tote..."Leap and the net will appear" ... I think of it often so hope it helps you too.
    JoZarty x

  6. Wowo your desk is creative!!! Your art work is just stunning thank you so much for sharing.

    Laura #59

  7. Congratulations on the show! That's so exciting! (The business cards are super-exciting, too!) I hope you'll take lots of photos of your booth while you are there, so we can experience it "virtually"!

  8. Congratulations! Heart stoppingly exciting stuff. Am so glad you've couraged up and put it out there - it actually, I think, makes it the time the show comes around, you'll be used to the exposure. And you have bags of talent and ideas to expose. Go you!

  9. great looking project! Love all the color and texture. Thanks for sharing. Vickie

  10. Very exciting...and business cards...very cool...your work is always lovely and I am sure your show will go

  11. Wow what a great blog, stunning works, thanks for sharing and stopping by my blog :)

  12. What an inspiring post! It felt like you had somehow spied on me and knew exactly how I felt. I love your work and good luck with the show.
    Happy WOYWW

  13. I love what you are creating! I think the one with the butterflies is my favorite.

  14. I am so impressed by everything I see here! You go, girl - I love your courage, and your honesty - that you're just being you. That's the best you can be - I love it!

  15. Iowa! Way back when, in rural farmland of Iowa, art seemed far away, not practical...and farmers dwell in 100% practicality! Congratulations on the show (from a fellow Iowan) - and I am with Anna, I think the butterflies are my favorite too!

  16. It seems like lots of messes are in the works this week...but the outcome is amazing! Love your work and thank you for sharing at Sneak Peek!

  17. Wowww it seems like you are very creative! :)

  18. Oh Leslie... so happy for you and wishing you every success you imagine for yourself!

  19. So so happy for you!

    "Where there is love and inspiration,
    I don't think you can go wrong."

    This TOO is my hope...

  20. Leslie,
    So excited for you and that you will be at Clarinda this fall. I will try to make it to the show to support you. Beautiful work!

  21. thanks for the glimpse. Looks like it's a very creative desk... Have a great day.

  22. As you could tell from my post... I love a good creative mess! Your work is beautiful. How exciting to have your first show coming up! I am sure you are going to do fantastic. I can't wait to hear all about it. And your business cards... love to see them! Thanks so much for joining us 'in the studio'! :)

  23. OOOOOHHHHHMYYYYYYGOOOOODNESS!!!!! Dear friend, I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!! Can't wait to see your cards!!! you are my HERO!!!!


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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