Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What did you say your name was?!?!?!???!!!

Oh I am back!! It seems like forever since I've blogged {and it's only been since Friday}I don't have my interview yet for "Make My Monday" but it is coming!! I'll give you a sneak peak of the blogger...

Why not check out her blog today? You can read Crystal's interview later in the week!! She is one busy lady!!!

And while we're on the subject of Mondays...here's my WORD from last week...


giving favorable promise; likely to turn out well: a promising young man; a promising situation.

1505–15; promise + -ing2

prom·is·ing·ly, adverb
prom·is·ing·ness, noun

favorable, reassuring, encouraging.

With all the not so good stuff that has happened in our lives the past year, everything has been looking up. And last week my wonderful husband and I realized that everything would be okay. We have each other, our family, our faith, amazing and supportive friends AND we have an offer on a piece of real estate we own that we accepted. The sell of that will help our finances in the coming months. Whew! We needed that!! Yes, our future is looking promising:)


I have lots of stories roaming around in my head...I suppose most writers do.  I haven't told one in awhile so I thought it was time to share this particular one...hope you enjoy:)

Back in the late 80's through the early 90's I was a DJ at KNIM FM and AM in Maryville. I graduated with a B.S. in Broadcasting from Northwest Missouri State University in August of 1989.

For as long as I can remember I wanted to be a radio or television announcer. There are photos of me with a microphone attached to one of those old tape recorders interviewing my Dad when I was like 7.

My friends and I used to make up kooky commercials and act them out. I remember taking perfume bottles, laundry soap, cans of green beans and standing in front of the mirror with them pretending I was on TV doing a commercial. Announcing was in my blood.

{more on my life as a DJ later...on with today's tale}

It was approx. 12:10 in the afternoon. Paul Harvey was on and I was enjoying a quick bite before the busy part of my shift began. Everyone was out of the office until 1 o'clock. I loved eating during Paul Harvey. All I was required to do for 20minutes or so was push a button on the carte machine to play a few ads. Paul Harvey ended at 12:20. The weather was next followed by a few market minutes then it was non-stop announcing and music from me until the craziest hour of my day 4 o'clock...so much going on that hour!!

Anyway, everyonoe is gone, Paul Harvey is on and I'm munching on my Big Mac when 

the phone rings....

"KNIM, may I help you?"

"Hi, is Mike Rudd in?"

"Ummm, no. He's at lunch may I take a message?"
{I was a bit annoyed as I just wanted to eat in peace...I wasn't paid to answer phone calls afterall}

"Sure!" {the man says in a perky little voice}  
"Would you tell him this is Michael Damian. I'm just calling to see how much airplay my new single is getting." {the guy has this BIG smile in his voice. I was so annoyed as my fries were getting cold.}

"Yeah, sure...let me get a piece of paper and a penc....." {I stopped. My eyes got wide. I couldn't focus. I couldn't hear  Paul Harvey in the background. I had forgotten all about my fries....}

"What did you say your name was?" {My heart was beating rapidly. I could barely breath...}

That smiley voice came back on the line.... "This is Michael Damian. Just wanted to see if Mike was playing my new single much-ROCK ON."

I gulped...really loud.

Then in a squeaky, little voice I croaked..."You mean THE Michael Damian. The Michael Damian that is Danny Romalatti Michael Damian?!"

The smiley voice came back on..."Yep, that's the one! Did you watch the show?"

[Michael Damain played a hunky rock star in the soap "Young and Restless" back in the 80's and 90's.]

From that moment on  I began babbling all sorts of gibberish....going on and on about how cute he was and how I only watched "Young and Restless" because of him. He asked me if I had heard his new song and I gushed of course...it's my favorite...love it!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, it was quite a scene.

For that moment I had forgotten all about my lunch, Paul Harvey who? and I wasn't at work anymore rather floating on some dreamy cloud way up in sky. 

I was on the phone with Danny Flippin' Romalotti!!! What would my friends say?! Would they even care?!

With nothing more to say Michael told me it was a pleasure to talk with me, keep on playing my song and oh, yeah pass this message on to Mike. Could I do that? Yes, I could. Goodbye.

I hung the phone up...still in a daze. It was like what just happened didn't happen...I looked around my studio...trying to get my bearings. I had just had a conversation with Michael Damian!! Unbelievable!! I soon came back to reality, however when I heard Paul Harvey say..
"Good Day".

Check out the Rock On video below!! Enjoy!!!


  1. This is an adorable story! The only chance I have ever had to meet a celebrity or anything even close is when I met Colin Powell on a trip to tour the Pentagon!

  2. What a great time you have in your life! I haven't ever met anyone famous.Stopping from SITS!

  3. who again???

    bahahaha...just kiddin!

  4. Left you a comment on the video post of him!!!!

  5. great story I love it! oh and I can't wait for your interview with crystal she is fab!

  6. omg! I remember that song and him. He was sooo dreamy. I could totally see how you hear the smile in his voice too!!

    siggghhhh... :) You lucky girl!

  7. I didn't see Y&R much back then. Work got in the way but he shows up on the show every now and again now! Fun story!!!

  8. What a great story!! Thanks for sharing, blessings,


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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