Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Favs

It's Friday! It's Friday!! Whoo Hoo!! Having such a GREAT day so far! Went for a brisk walk after taking the kiddo's to school. After my shower I headed out to 2 garage sales. Found a few bargains for Em...lots more this afternoon. I LOVE garage sales!

Let's get on with my Friday Favs List...

1. Mother's Day! What more can I say other than I am so very blessed!!! Here I am with my kids and our doggie last Sunday.

I mean just look at us!! I never imagined I would have the life I lead right now. Only in my dreams {truly} did I ever think it was possible. I wake up everyday with a song of gratitude in my heart for these guys:)

More Mother's Day photos...

That's Em, my Mom and me. See those beautiful corsages? My Mom bought those for us to wear to church! How sweet was that??  My family thought they would play a funny on me...this was the first present I opened...It's Santa Shrek!!

Jacksy gave me a cross with a verse about love from Corinthians. He knows me well:) He also bought me a pretty diamond necklace with 3 stones to represent Dave, Em and him. So thoughtful!

Dave and the kids picked out her gift and boy did they do a GREAT job! This angel from Hallmark was perfect and made Mom cry:)

And finally here is a pic of me with the card my creative daughter Em made for me...

I love my family!!!

2. Yard Sales...boy do I have fun!! Every Friday I grab my paper and meticulously go through the sales for the day. Then I make a list of the order I want to go to each one. Em and I usually grab a soda, a few snacks and head out after school. {most of our sales begin between 2 and 4} I love rummaging through books, household items, cloths and purses!! You just never know what you'll find!!! I'll have to post some of my finds here next week.

3. Healthy living. As I look back on my week I am so grateful for my daily walks, fresh fruit and veggies and the support I receive from my husband. This clean way of life has turned my attitude around. I am living with an abundance of energy and gratitude. My husband, too. Life is so good right now.

4. My church. Throughout my life I have tried my best to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Many times I fall short but each and every day I try. I am so grateful this week for my Father in Heaven and the grace he continues to pour over me and my family. I am so thankful for my church and my church family.

5. Girl's night!! Yep, me and Em are having our very own Girl's Night tonight!! After yard sales we are headed home to spruce up for dinner and a movie. We can't wait to see this movie!!

What about you? What are your Friday Favs??


  1. hi there...i traveled over here from linda woods' nice to find you, nice to find other women who love the lord and blog...enjoy your weekend!

  2. Sounds like some pretty great things!!! Have great time at the movies!! I just snuck my daughter out of school early today so we could see Furry Vengence together ;) Have a great weekend!!

  3. I love to read such a happy post!

    I cannot wait to see that movie. It looks like a warm and fuzzy movie.

    Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day on Monday!

  4. Spending time with daughter and grandkids. Even if it is only a few hours. Getting off of work at 4 p.m. on Friday - a true TGIF moment!! Knowing that in just a few weeks, summer hours start!! The day is only shortened by an hour, but it's a beautiful thing!! These are a few of my favorite things!

  5. you make me feel happier and you make remember to step back and remember to be grateful for all of the little things.
    This friday I am grateful that is was sunny we played outside much of the day and i am grateful for playdates because I get so much done lol :)

  6. oh, I want to see that movie sooo bad!! I can't wait. :) It looks like Mother's Day was tons of fun! Yay!! Love all the great pictures!

  7. What a lovely day - the photos are so adorable (you know me . . . I'm LOVIN' Santa Shrek. Ok, can it be ... I'm in a CHRISTMAS MOOD!?!?! What is the matter with me?!?) Suck wonderful Friday Favs - love them all. And I'm so looking forward to seeing that movie. Might have to go TONIGHT! Have a great weekend, Les!

  8. Such wonderful things to be thankful for! It looks like you had a great Mother's Day, yeah! What great pictures of such a lovely family : ) Thanks for sharing!


  9. Les, I LOVE your pink shirt!! You are so beautiful!! Please fill me in on the movie at some point this week! I really want to see it!


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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