Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Here's My Story {or pain, pain go away}

Yes, I know. It's Wednesday. Already. And I'm just getting around to posting. I have a really good reason. {promise}

Okay, so in my last post I left you all wondering "what the heck happened to Leslie?" I really didn't mean to sound so cryptic. {really} The past few days I've waffled on whether or not I'd share "my" story with you. But then I thought...this is my blog and my faithful readers come here to know me. I mean most my friends outside of "bloggyville" know this about maybe it is time to share with all my on-line friends. AND maybe what I say will help out someone else. {i would be just tickled if it did} So {deep breath} here goes...oh, and this story is LONG. I thought about condensing it but if I do you d\won't understand where I've been and you won't understand the complete JOY and RELIEF I am now feeling. So, as not to make this so long I am going to break it up into two posts. Hope that is okay:)

Approx. 7 to 8 years ago, in February I began having tooth pain. Actually more like teeth, jaw and facial pain. I ended up seeing a dentist and he proceeded to give me a root canal. and then another one. and another one (on the same tooth!) You see after every root canal everything still hurt. Each visit was met with frustration on both my part and his. I would tell him how much pain not only the tooth was in but all the surrounding teeth and my face hurt. On my third visit with him he was so upset with me that he told me there was nothing more he could do with me and to not come back. {i was appalled and so mad. i left in angry tears}

It was May and I was still in pain. In fact the pain was worse. It was becoming more and more difficult to chew. I had to give up eating my favorite foods...raw veggies, salads, apples...basically anything that had to be chewed with my back teeth was out. I used mostly my front teeth. Oh, and chewing gum? Unbearable! I was downing Excedrin like they were candy. I was also not just laying around waiting to get better. I was researching the internet and books trying to figure out what was wrong with me. I knew it was more than just a normal toothache. I thought maybe I had TMJ.

That July I ran into my old dentist at the County Fair. I was having my usual pain {masked a bit with the Excedrin}. I began sharing my "story" with him and my thoughts on maybe having TMJ. He told me to come to his office that Monday. So I did...

For the next few weeks I would visit him...he x-rayed my tooth...saw no decay, no crack...nothing that would require a root canal or be causing me pain. He checked the surrounding teeth, too. Then he checked my jaw...all areas that would make it TMJ. He recommended I go to a dental school in Kansas City that specialized in TMJ {but he didn't believe it was that}. We didn't go to the Dental School because my dentist was afraid they would break my jaw and do lots of other unnecessary things to me all in the name of "learning".

Fast forward to the last week of August. It's the Thursday before Labor Day weekend. I am in AGONY. I am sitting in a chair crying in pain. Out of desperation I call my dentist. He says come in. I drive to his office {my kids were at school and Dave at work}. There I was, in his dental chair begging him to pull my tooth. I mean it was killing me. It had to be a toothache, right? This TMJ stuff was all was my tooth!! He did another xray then, with great hesitation, agreed to pull my tooth. He thought maybe {just maybe} the tooth had a hairline fracture that couldn't be seen with even an xray and that was the cause of my agony.

POP! The jaw tooth was out. I felt sick to my stomach as something told me this was NOT the cause of my pain AT ALL!!!! I looked up at my dentist. He was horrified {i mean he was sick...i knew by the look on his face he wished he hadn't pulled the tooth}. He then proceeded to tell me {after examining the tooth} that he had, in fact pulled a perfectly healthy tooth. I was devastated.

That day was the beginning of my nightmare. I thought the pain was bad before...oh, baby I hadn't seen nothing yet!

***I'm gonna stop here. The kids need to get to school and I won't have time to get back on the computer for most of the day. Later on this afternoon I promise to stop by and read all your blogs {and comments!!} I haven't been able to do that all week!!!


  1. Are you serious??? You can't just leave us like that!!!

    Wait...COME BACK!!!!!!!

    just an FYI-I HATE DENTIST!!!!

  2. Not only am I freaking out here as your bloggy friend but I have worked in the dental field for years and have never experienced anything like this. I will bw waiting on the edge of my seat for the rest of the story. My dad lives with the misery of migraines that come with no answers or relief. It is miserable to watch him suffer. I feel for you

  3. dang, you know how to leave someone hangin'!!

  4. my hand and the mouse got a little spastic, i wasn't finished... i also wanted to say i am sorry you have suffered so much... :(

  5. Les,

    We all completely understand your need to know...your LIFE, but oh my heck why don't you just write a few daytime drama scripts while you are at it and leave viewers right here, on the edge of this cliff, on say like, a Friday or something...


  6. WOW!! Talk about a cliff hanger!! ;)

  7. Ok, I'm contemplating calling you just so I can hear the rest of the story. I guess I only knew bits and pieces of it. *sigh* I suppose I'll just wait it out like everyone else. So glad you are feeling better though!

  8. LES!!! Not only am I worried sick for you ... but now MY JAW HURTS!! (I'm feeling sympathy blog pains here, sister!) Come back soon, PLEASE and tell us what has been happening to you!!!!

  9. OMG. I am going to have to come to your house and make you tell me what happened next! I know where you live.

  10. Ah....the master cliffhanger blogger!!!! Get back here and finish that story!!!

    You've been thru hell and back!! So now that you got all that out of the way, looks like things are looking up for you, eh???

    Seriously, we need to hear the rest of your story and the anticipated happy ending!!


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