Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Favs {or Hallejuah it's FRIDAY!!!}

Happy Day to my Peeps!! A humongous hug all around to all of you read and commented on my story. I am a bit embarrassed for sharing that with I said yesterday I don't like talking about it. HOWEVER, it was therapeutic for  me and Lacie, it sounds like maybe your Dad is looking for some relief. If my story helps someone then that is why I told it!!!:) Also just so you know...this is the first day in a week I have woke up without any pain anywhere {not even a glimmer}!! The energy I have is AMAZING!! Whoo Hoo!!:)

Okay...on with Friday Favs...

1. Today is the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL for my kiddos! So happy about that. Summer is just so much fun...having them home, swimming, late night horror flicks. FUN! The sad part of today is my son is already finished with his first year of HS and Em begins her last year of middle school. How did that happen?

2. Contacts Lens. Yep. I am so crazy about them this week. You see, we have had several BIG medical bills to pay this spring so I kept putting my eye exam and new contacts off. Since February I have been wearing my glasses {which I don't enjoy}. Yesterday I went in for my exam and contacts! So thankful to have them back:)

3. My clean bedroom. Try as I might my bedroom somehow always ends up the dumping ground for our clothes and my paper and magazines. I was getting so tired of going to bed at night surrounded by reminders of what I had to still get done. So Wednesday I made a decision and a promise to myself. No more papers or piles of old magazines or clothes lying around allowed in my room. None. Zero. Gone. I put every item of clothing in our closet then gathered up the various baskets of papers and put them in my office. I dusted everything, vacuumed and cleaned our bathroom. It was so nice going to bed last night in a clean and uncluttered space. Doing this has inspired me to totally re-do our home office. Be on the lookout for the "Before" photos here as well as step by step photos of how I re-organize and sort everything from our papers, to Em's sewing area to my creative writing area. Can't wait to begin!!

4.  My last Friday Fave today is my friend Angie's Blog along with several blogs from her blogroll. I continue to be inspired by her "treasures" as well as her decorating ideas. Her blog is what inspired me to get our bedroom spruced up and now our home office. Thanks Ang!!:)

I never did share my WORD with you from last week and to be honest I'm not sure which one to choose at the moment. It will have to wait:)

Girls, have a wonderful Memorial Weekend!! Looking forward to hearing what your Friday Favs are this sure and leave a comment below!!!


  1. we have 8 more days of school and I can't wait for it to end!
    So glad you can "see" now...hehehe.
    Angie has an awesome blog and finds the most amazing treasures at great deals too...SO not jealous for her!!!
    Have a great holiday weekend my friend!

  2. I welled up with tears reading that you woke up pain free. I am so thrilled for you. And yes you can't beat no pain AND new contacts lol

  3. My kids have been out since last Thursday. Wow only a week. I tell ya, it seems like a month of...I am bored. I tell them they can do some house work, then they are quiet. LOL
    Love to hear you have no pain today, girl.
    Love ya, sis!
    God is good!

  4. i love Fridays very very very much!!!!

  5. my friday fave?? i JUST finished cleaning my art room and table...what a disaster feels so good now!
    day after tomorrow is flight lessons with kelly! catch up with ya then!

  6. Awwww Thank you!! ;) I'm soooo glad your feeling better!!! Have a great long weekend!!! Talk to you soon! ;)

  7. We have one more week before the underclassmen are gone. Then the school gets quiet!! Although I work at the school for the entire 12 months, there's something pleasant about when they're gone. And then...when it's time for them to come back...we're ready for them to be back!! I'm headed over to Angie's blog for some inspiration!! Hope you're feeling better, Leslie!!

  8. thank you for taking the time to come visit my blog from Kelly Rae's class....I appreciate it!
    Looking forward to reading yours and getting to know you along the way!


  9. Girl...thanks so much for sharing your story! About half way through it, I was thinking...CHIROPRACTIC! I go to mine once a week for wellness & also an irregular curve. I am so glad that you finally found one that figured out what the problem was for you and can get you well again. Prayer is a wonderful thing! Also thanks for the comment on my blog. Sorry it took me forever to find it! XO Shanie :)

  10. Hey...great to meet you through Kelly's class. I am also on a weight loss journey along with hoping to get a card making business up and running. Have fun!


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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