Tuesday, May 11, 2010

R U Ready for a Revolution?

Creative things happening at Words of Me Project and I can't wait! So ready to write, get to know myself better, bring all that's inside into my art...ready to inspire and be inspired. Ready for this....

and can't wait for this...

Two AMAZING books written by sisters Linda Woods and Karen Dinino.

Visual Chronicles came out first in 2006. Some of the chapters include...

*I'm just not artistic
*I can't write
*Nothing happens in my life
*I have no time

One of my favorite sections in this book encourages you to come up with a personal color palette to use in your art journals. The authors share that the color RED may be used to show anger, heat or love. While BLUE shows water, sky, calm or trust. However, as they state in their book you can use these guidelines or "turn them upside down" with your own color guide. I am making mine and will be sharing here very soon!

Journal Revolution: rise up and create! shares more ideas for journals, personal manifestos and other works of art created based on your emotions. Here is a sampling of a few chapters...

*Plan your attack
*Crack the code
*Take cover
*Trespassing Zone

This book gives you questions to answer so you can dig deeper, learn more about why you think a certain way then shows you artistic ways of expressing yourself on everything from art canvas to trading cards. Love these books!!

You can buy both books here and here.

Last week I "gathered my forces" into one small basket with handles so I can take it anywhere. Here it is...

Another shot of my "forces"...

Here is a list of some of my supplies. Most of them I already had.

acrylic paint
scrapbook tape in several different designs {it 's the yellow with blue flowers in the photos}
a ruler
avery labels
colored pencils
mini alphabet stamps
chipboard journal discs from Urban Lily
several sizes of paint brushes
several sizes of foam brushes
chipboard words
word stamps from Heidi Swapp
lots of ink pads
a baggie with little treasures {brads, buttons, flowers, postage stamps, tickets and more}

I had so much fun gathering these supplies. Everytime I look at my basket I get so excited thinking of all the possibilites {my word for 2010 by the way!}
These books are full of so much that my head was swimming with ideas. Plus after getting my art basket ready I was inspired to CREATE! I decided to make a mini journal to put my ideas in. I love how it turned out!

I started with a mini chipboard album kit from Jenni Bowlin Studios. Love her stuff!! I took it apart and painted the chipboard covers a lime green.

I inked the edges black.
I really loved how the heart was cut out on the cover so decided to call my little book this...

"Journal my heart out".

Decided to put the date, too {I date EVERYTHING!}

Wanted to do something with the inside of the covers, too. Here is how they turned out.

This is on the front and here is what I put on the back inside cover.
That chipboard square is from Urban Lily from several years back. I use these all the time...so great for journals!!

I wrote "the good. the bad. the ugly." Because authors Linda and Karen encourage you to be REAL with this artistic endeavors.

Here's the back.

Now here are pics with the book put back together...

I know my little journal isn't perfect. But that' is why I am in love with these books. They aren't about perfection. So many times when we think of traditional scrapbooking it's all about cutesy and sweet and adorable. And while I enjoy scrapping those things and in that way I am ready to explore that side of me that takes what's inside and puts it on a piece of grungy cardboard, uses watercolors, bubble wrap and masking tape. It's gonna be hard to get out of the "proper" way to "do art"...but this is exactly what I need to break down those "perfect" walls and truly see what kind of artist I am.

I have always considered myself a "word artist". That's what writers do...create art with what they say. That's what appeals to me so much in these books "Journal Revolution" and "Visual Chronicles". It's putting WORDS with EMOTIONS with ART. For me, the perfect combination!!

I encourage you to try this, too!! Go to Amazon, buy one or both of these books!! Right now you can purchase them here for almost half of what I paid...

Even if you don't have the books...you can grab a basket and start "gathering your force". Put what speaks to you in your basket, sit back and just look at it. Your creativity will start running amuck and you will be so excited to create your very own art journals, too!!!

This is something I'm gonna be doing EVERY WEEK here at Words of Me. Sharing, creating, gathering, jouraling and inspiring. I sure hope you'll join me on this journey!!!

****I better share my WORD from last week as it's a good one!!


having beauty; having qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.; delighting the senses or mind: a beautiful dress; a beautiful speech.
excellent of its kind: a beautiful putt on the seventh hole; The chef served us a beautiful roast of beef.
wonderful; very pleasing or satisfying.

As I continue to lose weight and inches I am feeling more confident than ever!! I went clothes shopping and ended up finding the PERFECT dress! I have always and forever wanted a polka dot dress. I found one in a smaller size. I feel BEAUTIFUL in it!!

I also felt like my week was beautiful spiritually and emotionally. I felt the Spirit of gratitude fill my heart on more than one occasion last week. And finally I will leave you with a sneak peek of my Mother's Day celebration and this beautiful gift I was given...

{I will have the full story on this gift and lots of photos to share later in the week!!}


  1. what a cute journal. You are just too stinkin crafty women!

    I really think you should make one of these for a giveaway for one of your followers...like ME...just sayin'

  2. Wow! You must have an abundance of creative energy! I love all the projects--they're inspiring.

    Stopping by from SITS

  3. I LOVE the journal!!!! And ANY book that helps me dig down deep!?! ALL FOR IT!! ;)

  4. It looks like you are off to a great start! YAY! Have fun expressing yourself with your personal art revolution! :)

  5. Oh Leslie!!! I love, love, love this post! I have had the Journal Revolution book for about 6 months and I beat myself up for not doing anything with it....you have totally inspired me to get my but in gear! I am so excited to see where you go with this! (I think I've used my quota of exclamation points......!)

  6. i love your journal!!!! and I really like your handwriting!

  7. your journal is amazing and you have super pretty handwritting too (mine is not cute) i'm jealous

  8. Ok - I'm SERIOUSLY in LOVE WITH YOUR JOURNAL!!! And I want one, BAD!!! I absolutely LOVE this post. I felt like I went on this little journey with you - first the books, then the supplies, then what you did with it. SO creative, les!!! You are inspiring me to make a journal like this of my own - and I'm gonna DO IT, by golly!!!! Oh, and I almost forgot - YEA!!! On taking the Kelly Rae class! I'm so excited about it! I think we both are going to get SO much out of it!!! I really have to meet you one of these days, lady. We are kindred spirits, don't you think? ;) Have a great week!

  9. love this journal, that green is perfect for this time of year. who needs a store bought journal!?!?


  10. Love the journal!! You are so creative!!

  11. this books sounds like lots of fun
    and i am glad for your first online class
    and bravo for your brave woman!


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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