Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sharing our Easter FUN! {and traditions}

I was a bit nervous about Easter this year. Maybe it's because my kids are older and they don't believe in the Easter Bunny anymore. Maybe it's because as I was going down the candy aisle at Wal-Mart glimpses of Easter's past came to mind...filling plastic eggs with jelly beans and tiny trinkets then hiding them throughout our Victorian home {which we don't have anymore}. I wasn't quite sure how this Easter would play out.

Would Jackson still want to find eggs? Heck, would he even want to color them?

I mean Emma is just 12 so I figured she would be game...but what about the 15 year old "I am so ready to drive and live on my own." son?

Yep, that's him!! Coloring eggs and having a blast. In fact he had so much fun that this is actually Easter afternoon. We colored eggs the night before but Jacks wanted to do more the next day! We colored 35 eggs this year!!

We really did get creative. Love that gold one on the right...Jackson's creation. It was voted "Best in Show" by the family:)

You know how I told you Jackson has lost nearly 20 pounds? This photo of him just blew me away!! He is so thin and grown up looking here!!

Look how intent he is on making sure the eggs are just right-LOL!
Here's a comparison...this photo was taken on his 15th birthday {December 27th}

Here is Jacks and his sister Easter morning. WOW!!

Pretty handsome guy!!!!! Love you, Jacks!!!!

Here are my kids finding some goodies Easter morning. I love it that they still want to do this!!

After we finished everything up Jackson made a comment that meant the world to me. He said, "Mom and Dad, these traditions we have in our family mean so much to me. I will always want to have an Easter Egg hunt with my kids, too because we always have."

Traditions are so important!! I couldn't agree more!! And I am so thankful that throughout my kids' lives Dave and I have made traditions a priority. From our annual Harvest Dinner at Halloween to opening one present on Christmas Eve to hunting for Easter Eggs our children recognize the importance of traditions.

What are some of your traditions? Have your kids shown their gratitude for a special family tradition? I would love to hear about it!! Please leave a comment below!! And remember when you do leave a comment I promise to come and visit your blog!!

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  1. Thanks! ;) I'm not supposed to be on the computer this week but was just checking my emails and saw your post! ;) I'll be back Monday to catch up! Looks like you had a great Easter!!

  2. Mine are 17, 15, 12 & 8...coloring eggs is still their favorite!

    My daughter's good friend is the youngest of the family (18) and the mom made all the married kids come home to color eggs last Saturday... And there are not any grandkids yet!

  3. Absolutely LOVE the photos of the kids at Easter, Les! And Jacks looks absolutely AMAZING! He is my inspiration! Please let him know that he is inspiring a chubby mom in Chicago!!!

    We have tons of traditions in our house . . . Easter Egg coloring is a big one (sometimes I think I over-do on the tradition side . . . but my girls seem to enjoy each and every one.) I had Rachel Ray's sloppy joe's the night before my daughter Katie was born. I have made them the night before her birthday every year since then. (Silly huh?)

    As always - LOVE the post!

  4. Looks like fun!

    And thanks so much for visiting me on my SITS Day! I am finally getting the chance to meet and greet the fabulous ladies who showed some love for me. Following you - Hope to see you at Theta Mom again! :)

  5. That is so cool, I love what your son said. Looks like you all had a great Easter weekend.

  6. looks like fun! My son Kyle is 13 and we still have an egg hunt outside for him every year!

    I am so glad I found your blog...or you found me...or..whatever or however it happened. It doesn't matter who found who or who came first...does it????

    So glad to have another mom blogger with teenage kids I can really related to!


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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