Monday, April 19, 2010

My Word, and Interview and an AWARD!! {pass it on}

It's Monday...I don't know about you...but rather than looking down on this day of the week I relish it. It's almost like a rebirth each and every week. My chance to start fresh. Love it.

Lots of crazy fun stuff to sit back, relax and enjoy:)

We'll begin with My Word from last week. I am so energized right now. Eating right, walking, spending time with the family, enjoying sunny days and fitting in plenty of Blog time. Life is just great at the moment.I am full of

exuberant physical strength or mental vigor: a person of great vitality.
capacity for survival or for the continuation of a meaningful or purposeful existence: the vitality of an institution.
power to live or grow: the vitality of a language.
vital force or principle. 
Awesome word for me.

**Remember I would really enjoy hearing about your word of the week. So if you play along {or are going to start} please let me know!!

Each Monday I feature a Woman Blogger that inspires me and I know will inspire you, too. This week's "Make My Monday" Blogger is Leanne from "Chaos Comes Happiness". Here is that interview.

Leanne, I found your blog randomly one late summer night and felt an instant bond with you. Your personality just leaps out of the screen!! How long have you had your blog and tell us what inspired you to start one....
Before I even begin, I have to say “THANK YOU SO MUCH!” for interviewing me! I have so enjoyed meeting YOU through your blog, Leslie, and when you first approached me for this interview, I think I was in shock. I mean . . . I’m just ME. Leanne. Why would someone want to interview me?  I think I’ve been floating on Cloud 9 since then!!
I started my blog June of 2009. I really knew nothing about blogs or blogging (I still have so much to learn!) One of the first blogs I ever visited was Scrapbook Extraordinaire, Ali Edwards (link: Ali was, and still is, a huge inspiration to my creative side. After exploring her blog, and then venturing out to other blogs, I thought, “You know. I have thoughts, too. I have stories that I would love to share. I think I can be kind of funny, some times. Hey, I want to start a blog!”  I remember sitting at the computer that very first day and setting up my blogger account. I had NO IDEA what I was doing. But there was one thing I was certain of – my blog was going to be from my heart. And it always has been. I often say that my blog has been sort of a therapy session for me - an opportunity to share my inner thoughts with others, and hear their stories in return. I get inspiration from so many blogs out there. I am in awe of so many. 
Your family takes up most of your blog posts...what else inspires you/do you enjoy writing about?
I love writing stories about the crazy things that happen in my life (like hitting a Starbucks [link:] or smiling at strangers [link: ), or things that happen throughout my days that makes me laugh and I want to share it with other people (like trying on Spanx: the Anti-Christ [link:]). There is nothing more satisfying then having a follower or friend comment that I made them laugh. Life is serious, hard, and exhausting. There is enough happening our lives to keep us all in a state of seriousness (bills, wars, death, etc..) For me, I want to write about things that make me feel good – and I hope, when others read my words, they feel good, too.
You are always so upbeat in your posts. Love that about your blog!! Is this the way you try to see life....the glass half full so to speak? Please share any tips on how we can all be so positive:)
Most definitely! Many, many years ago, back in my high school days, our choir director had us cheer “Nothing great is ever achieved without enthusiasm” before every performance. It has been my mantra ever since. Now, seriously . . . it is not always easy. And I’m not always positive (my husband and family can vouch for that.) I have days when I’m in a rut and feel cranky (I usually blog about them.) But I think it’s most important to accept those days, and realize that those kinds of days WILL PASS – a GREAT day is just around the corner!  Life moves quickly, and life is short. Wouldn’t you rather spend your days being POSITIVE? Doesn’t it feel better to open your home, your hearts, your mind, to those that are here in this world with you? We are all different and have different lives, different experiences. But I think that while we are here, I’d rather life my life being a positive person. I’d rather live laughing. I think that being positive is infectious  . . . and I’d rather pass THAT around than anything else.  I also think that I make a conscious decision to wake up every day and smile. Really.  It’s as easy as that. Smile. It does A LOT!
One of the "fun" aspects" of your blog is I never know what it's gonna look like!! What makes you change it so often? {please keep it up as I truly enjoy it}
I absolutely LOVE changing the look of my blog. At first, I wondered if it was wrong to change the look so often, because I am not building continuity with those who stop for a visit. However, I decided changing the look of my blog is just WHO I AM, and my friends (readers) will accept that! In my heart, I am an artist. I am also a Gemini (that is a dangerous combination). In my life, I regularly change my environment; my hair, the way my furniture is set up, the color of my walls, my style. That resonates to my blog. Some days I feel serious, some days I feel playful. And there are thousands of cool blog layouts and designs out there! I just love to switch things up to go with how I feel at that moment. In scrapbooking, I’m a paper addict! In blogging, I guess I’m a blog background addict!

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?
Anywhere in the world? Wow . . . that’s a tough one. I’d love to go lay on a beach (any beach will do) with a Pina Colada in my hand. Oh, wait. Maybe that’s not what you were looking for. Right now, I’d have to say I would LOVE to travel through Europe. Italy. England. France. I’ve never been, and I have a strong interest in the Renaissance period (I’m certain I was a Queen in a past life!), so I’d love to explore the art and architecture of that time. I’ve made a promise to myself that I will take myself to Europe for my 40th Birthday (2011.) So, I’ll be there soon.

Top 3 books {right now}
AUGH! I LOVE to read. My problem . . . I do not give myself the time to do it. I recently read a post on someone’s blog about MAKING TIME to do the things that are important to you. And truth be told, I have no one to blame but myself. I completely know that. So, one of the things I am doing for myself, is making time to read. (Did I go off on a random thinking moment there? Sorry, I always do that.) Anyway . . . Top 3 Books . . . RIGHT NOW. . .  
EAT, PRAY, LOVE, by Elizabeth Gilbert . . . I borrowed it from a dear friend a few months ago, but just started reading it last week. I am LOVING this book and her search of internal peace. 
TAKING FLIGHT: Inspiration and Techniques to give your creative Spirit Wings, by Kelly Rae Roberts. . . . Kelly Rae is a breath of sunshine. I LOVE her blog, I LOVE her artwork, I LOVE her spirit. I have an autographed copy of this one, and I each night I read a little bit of it, as I drift off to a dreamland of creativity. She is beautifully inspiring and brilliant. LOVE this book!
When the Heart Waits: Spiritual Direction for Life's Sacred Questions, by Sue Monk Kidd. I love the work of this author and have read a number of her fictional books. This one is a closer look at her spiritual journey, and it speaks to me. 
There seems to be a theme to my books, don't you think? Hmmmm . . .  I think I am always searching for that peaceful place - both inwhat I write in my blog, and what I read in the books I choose.  
Anything else you would like to add??
I do just want to thank you one more time for asking me to share some of my thoughts with you. What I am most amazed about in the blog community is the GOOD that is out there. I am forever in awe of the photography, the creativity, the stories and words that are shared by thousands through their blogs day after day. And meeting you has been an absolutely wonderful part of this blog adventure. Thanks, again, Leslie. You are a dear friend! 

Awww, Leanne I feel the same and hope to head to Chicago to meet you one day:) Thanks for an inspiring interview.

*Be sure and stop by Leanne's Blog today. I know you'll become a follower {yes, it is that good!}

Now onto the AWARD. I was given an AWARD by this fabulous girl over at "Creative Attempts". Lacie was a "Make My Monday" blog a few weeks ago. You can read that interview here.

Anyway, wonderful Lacie has bestowed this award to me. I LOVE it!

Lacie, you have made my WEEK! I am so honored!!:) Now here's where the fun begins. I get to give this Happy Award to five of my blog friends that make me HAPPY!! The award goes to...
Jenny, Angie from Treasures, An Artful Life, Nicole from Fitness Freak and Leanne!!! Thanks, girls for always inspire me to live a better life and be a better me. I appreciate each one of you:)

With this award I supposed to share 10 things on my blog that make me happy. Here they are!

1. Long walks outside with family and friends.
2. Fresh strawberries and melon. YUM-O!
3. Movie night with my family. All of us together.
4. Writing on my blog everyday and checking out yours!
5. My dear, sweet puppy, Gizmo. He keeps me company all day long.
6. Soccer games with Em.
7. Love it when Jackson gets home. He comes through the door laughing. Makes me smile.
8. Working on an art project.
9. The sound of birds out my window. I enjoy having our windows open so I can hear them chirping away.
10. My daily Diet Pepsi. I know not good for me...but tastes so good. Love all the bubbly!!

And there you have it!! My Word, an interview and an award. Happy Monday!

**A BIG THanK You to all my readers. I appreciate every comment I receive and I visit everyone!! 


  1. Awww, thanks Leslie : ) I am so honored to get this from you.

    Just reading this post made me realize I need to strive to be happy and positive. Some days I can really get side tracked and ignore the good things in life. This will help me remember to focus on the GREAT things today. Thank you!


  2. Awwwww Thanks Leslie!!! Loved the interview with Leanne!! Alright- let me have my 2nd cup of coffee and then I'm off to blog about this!! ;)

  3. Hey Les -- Thanks for the Happy award -- what a great way to start a Monday!!!! -- Jenny

  4. glad to learn more about you....yep...any beach will do...LOVE IT!

  5. Awe, Les!!!! THANKS for my AWARD!!! And for the pleasure to be interviewed by YOU!!! TRIPLE LOVE YA, as always! Have a HAPPY WEEK, girlfriend!!!!

  6. Isn't it great to meet so many awesome organic women? We all have something somewhere along the way in common...whether it is being a Mom, cooking, decorating, and to get to share it all is the coolest part for me!~ Thanks for stopping by and grabbing my button....:)

  7. This is the most upbeat blog I've ever read! Good for you, must go and work on that inspiring thingy...

  8. And back again to say a massive thankyou for following my blog! It really made my evening to see you up there - cheers! xx

  9. Love your blog! Thanks for visiting mine today! Awesome interview and congrats on the award!Def. be visiting again!

  10. FINALLY was able to do a blog post! I'll be posting first thing in the morning my 10 things that make me happy and pass it on!! Thank you again!!! ;)

  11. What an amazingly positive post. It's been a while since I smiled the entire way through. Especially loved the interview. Your questions were fantastic! Always up for a good book recommendation.

  12. Great interview, Leslie!! And Congrats on receiving the award!!

  13. How nice to see my friend Leanne here! She's just as lovely in person as she is in her blog! And Leslie, you just spread sunshine -love that about you!

  14. Yeay I love you interview and your list! You know I think you are fab and the award was well deserved!!


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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