Saturday, September 26, 2009

Week in the Life

So, as I said in my earlier posts...I'm getting ready for my Words of Me Project by first taking this Monday (September 28th) through Sunday (October 4th) for the Ali Edward's inspired "Week in the Life". Here's what you need to know if you plan on following along!! And I sure hope you do.:)

1) Get your camera battery charged and ready to go.
2) Make sure there is plenty of space on your media card (you'll be taking LOTS of photos!!)
3) Have some kind of smaller notebook dedicated to this project. Last year I bought one of those cute little $1 books from Michaels. Worked perfectly!
4) Get used to carrying that notebook with you EVERYWHERE!! Oh, and the camera...let' not forget the camera!! Your camera and notebook and your new best friends.
5) The reason I chose this week last year is simple because this is always a busy one for us. My Mom's birthday is October 1st and my anniversary is the 3rd. Plus throughout the week my kids have their sports lots to document this week!
6) I took photos of everything. Houses in our neighborhood, the street I drive everyday to pick Em up from soccer, a political bumper sticker on my truck and signs in my yard (it was the election last year, remember?), food we ate, people we spent time with, lots of photos of our family, our pets, the way our house looked. You take photos of whatever matters most to you and whatever best documents your week!!
7) If you have questions post a comment here or head over to Ali's Blog...there is an article on this in her Archives section.

Truly this is a FUN and EASY way to share your family's life with future generations. Think how fun this will be for your grandkids to read!!!

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