Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Week in the Life

So good to read your comments!! Missy I have MISSED you!!!!!! I was going to call or e-mail and let you know about this project...just hadn't done that yet!! You will hear from me though...I have something in mind for YOU!:)LOL!!

Okay, so last year I took Ali Edwards "Week in the Life" idea and ran with it! I took dozens of photos throughout the week and kept my notebook handy for journaling. After the week was done I sat down with the photos and words and went to work. Boy, it sure was FUN!! I decided right then and there that a "Week in the Life" would become a permanent project in the Ackman Family scrapbooks.

Next Monday marks the 1 year anniversary of that guess what I'm gonna be doing? Yep! How fun will that be to take the same week this year, chronicle our lives then compare???

Along with that I'm gonna start the "Words of Me Project" to give an example of how I'm gonna be doing this. Looking forward to next week!!

**Just wanted to say how invigorated my life feels right now. I am so happy I finally got this project underway and I'm just doing it. It seems like when I'm writing I become actively engaged in the world around me...I see the little things again. My desire to create consumes me and I am happy.:)

Speaking of Happy...please check out my daughter's blog. I am so proud of her.

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