Week 13: Stop Putting it off!

How was your week?? Did you take any risks?? I plunged head first into my Art Retreat idea and am wondering why I just didn't start it sooner! Already my head is buzzing with ideas. Love this and only see myself moving forward with my dream from here!! Thanks to those of you that showed interest in teaching. I appreciate your enthusiasm and support. If YOU would like to teach leave me a comment or message me on FB or email me at les262@embarqmail.com I am just in the baby stages of planning and am looking for teachers of all kinds...jewelry making, mixed media, drawing, painting, art journaling...leave me a comment even if you are remotely interested!!!

Okay...so on to Week 13! PROCRASTINATION!! UGH! We ALL have it...don't you think?? I know I am sooooo bad at this!! And girls, procrastination makes us TIRED and swallows our dreams up!! We don't want that do we??!

I have procrastinated all day in writing this blog post...and WHY??!! I don't know. I procrastinate on making art, writing, all kinds of things!! I am super bad at putting off BIG stuff, too. Like stuff that really, truly HAS to be done...like HEALTH stuff. I have needed to make a doctors appointment for THREE things for MONTHS now and something always somes up. So because I haven't called her I think about it a lot and it weighs on me and makes me feel overwhelmed and I think...Les, just make that appointment!!

This week we are going to overcome our procrastination!! I want you to finish this sentence in your journals....fill in the blanks.

"I really am dreading............ It is hanging on me and I feel...........about it. I WILL just get it done! I bet it only takes.............to do!"

Make a list of all you have been putting off!! Everything! Make a list and get it off your mind. It is weighing you down...big time!

Here is how I finished the above sentence....

"I really am dreading going to the doctors office. It is hanging on me and I feel sick and angry about it. I WILL jut get it done! I bet it only takes me an hour to do!!!"

What is weighing on you, girls?? What do YOU keep putting off????


  1. Leslie, my head is buzzing with ideas too! I'm so glad I stumbled upon your call for help. I have really been procrastinating growing my creative offerings as an independent teacher. Not so much dread, but definitely limiting beliefs and fear of failure. It's nice to have someone take interest in my work. It gives me the courage to silence my inner critic. We will definitely have to brainstorm through email.

    Have you read Make Your Creative Dreams Real by SARK? She puts a light-hearted spin on procrastination and has a cool system for baby steps she calls "micromovements." You should check it out!

  2. WOW!!! Week 13 already!!!.... Great topic!

  3. Yep, Mr. Procrastination is VERY large in my life!! I do battle with him on a regular basis, although he oten wears the camouflage gear of MR Good Excuse!! Thank you for another inspiring blog post. I am back at my blog and hopefully will get back into the swing of things, hope you will drop by soon,

  4. Well for one thing...I've procrastinated my art journal assignments! I'm only getting done what absolutely has to get done for design team commitments and the rest of the time, I'm wasting or too tired to care. I've procrastinated exercise and healthy eating...why? I'm getting fatter and more tired and to the point where I don't like myself anymore, but I'm also feeling that mental shift...where enough is enough and I'm wanting to change, so I guess that is good! I'm hoping to pick up on week....5, I think that is where I left off, get back to a daily routine, which will have to be in the evening, cuz mornings and I don't get along. Thanks for such great thinking points, love everything you write!! :) Get to that DR. Les, and take care of yourself. Love ya friend! :)

  5. I am definitely with you on this one, Leslie...especially when it comes to doctor's appointments! I had SO many that I needed to make, and I still have three more to take care of. I also did a task on Friday morning that I had been putting off and it made me feel SO much better to go into my weekend with it finished. And haven't you noticed that you spend SO MUCH MORE energy worrying about something than it would actually require to finish the task?? Why are we like that??

    1. I cancel all doctor appointments, I do not go. I've had nothing but bad experiences, doctors hate me, and do not treat me nice, I haven't gone in years

  6. Where do I begin...going to make a committment to myself this week, lots of things to clear up. I have been procastinating getting my work out, photographing work and even finishing some work. Great to be on your blog again. Blessings for the week, Amanda

  7. Hi Leslie,

    Hmmm, procrastination is very interesting AND time consuming. How many times do I think about something only to put it off then think about it again?!? It's like picking up the same magazine and moving it around the house all the time, only to never put it in the magazine rack. Tee hee

    It's been a while since I've visited and feel terrible about it. I'm glad you are going forward with having a retreat -- good for you! Email me your plans (especially what part of the country is it going to be).

    PS My email address is in my profile if you don't already have it.


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