Week 15: Are you Listening?

It's Week 15!!! I hope last week was fun for you as you said Thank You to those people that inspired and uplifted you. I have a few more cards to mail out this week. I want to shout out a HUGE Thank You to everyone here that takes the time to read my blog, comment and play along with our 52 week Challenge. I truly appreciate YOU and learn so much when you share!! Thank you!!!

Imagine that ... just for a moment. Your body knows you better than your mind knows you. Our thoughts are often skewed and out right wrong. But our bodies? Our bodies don't lie to us. Our bodies are never wrong.  -Yahoo Shine Blog

I haven't felt good for awhile now. VERY tired, lethargic, foggy brain, forgetful, achy all over (especially my neck and shoulders), hungry, bloated, grumpy and more. I do have Hashimoto's Disease and take the drug Synthroid to help my thryroid function so I thought everything was ok. Yet...I KNEW something was very wrong with my body. I am not supposed to feel this bad!!! And despite every effort to lose weight...my healthy eating and exercising have done very little to make the scale move or my body to show any kind of improvement at all. All of this has proven extremely frustrating for me!! 

Sooooo...one day while cruising around on the internet I came across an old blog friend's blog. As I began reading her posts I realized that she had Hashimotos, too. And over the course of a year she LISTENED to her body  made choices to CHANGE her lifestyle and heal herself. WOW! As I kept reading I realized that every sypmptom she had...I did, too. 
I spent the next week reading everything on Hashimotos and how thousands of people have felt as awful as I have, decided to do something about it and through hard work they now feel better than ever.  
I also learned that a pesky little thing called GLUTEN wrecks havoc on people with Hashimotos Disease. Turns out everytime I eat something with gluten in it my body is ATTACKING my thyroid. Sooooo...guess what I am about to do??

My family and I are going GLUTEN FREE for 30 days. I ordered a book all about living the gluten free lifestyle and have found dozens of blogs to help me out. I am DETERMINED to heal my body and get my HEALTH back!!! I want to feel energized again!!

Girls, my body had been telling me for over a year that something was wrong...I just wasn't listening!! Your assignment this week is to LISTEN to your body!! What is it telling you? How are you feeling? Do certain foods or drinks make you feel worse than others?? Do you need more sleep? Does your migraine come on after you eat or drink something in particular?? LISTEN and journal what you find out!! 

Hope your week is a GREAT one! And I will be keeping you posted on how this new way of living is going:)


  1. I'm so glad you are finding answers and can make an action plan to get your health back on track! That has got to feel like a break through just to have a direction to head in...I hope after your 30 days you feel like a brand new person! It will be exciting to hear what you learn along the way! love ya Les!! :)

  2. Being Gluten Free is more than just ya food hun. It's ya make-up, hygiene products, gum, candies, soy sauce, BBQ sauce. I could go on. Ya need to make sure ya check everything ya use on ya body or put into it. Ya'd be amazed as to where gluten hides. By the way Aspertame & such are horrible for migraines, they are far worse for ya in pops than just drinking a normal pop. Doc OZ confirmed that when ya drink a pop with aspertame it actually makes ya crave more pop. Where as if ya drank a normal pop ya'd be better off because it doesn't trigger the craving. Just my lil tips for ya. I've been doing gluten-free for awhile & it's easy once ya know whatcha looking for. Hope ya book helps ya & ya can feel 1000% back to normal. Hugs, Poe

  3. love your pages and good luck on your healthy journey!

  4. Thanks for your super nice comment on my blog today. I loved reading this post- as I have Hashimoto's too. It stinks, one giant weight battle and energy battle. Stiff joints, all the rest of it. Chin up though and keep playing. Can't wait to see your old yearbook pages. Loved looking through a few weeks of posts and enjoying your pages.

  5. I have read about SO many conditions that are addressed by going gluten-free. I hope you find some solutions during your experiment this month!

  6. Great post topic. I was in a car accident 2 years ago, hit a semi, still having lots or problems from it. I've been debating myself on my activity level and def need to listen to my body. My volunteer work involves driving around a lot in a car, but its also very hard on my back and get migraines from it. Hard to give it up, but need to LISTEN TO MY BODY! :)


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