Week 14: Thank YOU!!!

"I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks." 

William Shakespeare

I hope you crossed off a few items from your Procrastination List. I did and it feels great. Still have that Doctor's appointment to make...I PROMISE to get it done this week...promise!

We are switching gears a bit this week and doing something really different...we are saying THANK YOU to all those amazing people in our lives that have lifted us up, inspired us, shared with us, helped us, meant the world to us and just plain rocked our world!!!

Here's the thing...they may not know how much they rocked your world...but YOU know!! You know how on that ONE really, really hard day you went to their blog or facebook page and read a post they had written or a quote they had shared and it CHANGED your day!! Or what about those friends that you hang out with daily, weekly, every now and then?? Do they know how much you appreciate them??! 

"It's all about the little things; the little things mean a lot."  -Christine Castro Hughes

Saying Thank You is really no little thing...although it can seem like it. Saying Thank You is perhaps the very best thing we can do...not just for others but for ourselves. Showing gratitude for another human being can transform your day from a ho-hum one to a day filled with love and hope and joy. So this week we are saying THANK YOU!!!

Assignment:  Take about 10 minutes and jot down those people, friends, mentors, etc. that you would like to Thank. Take time to review it and pick out 5 of them to send a Thank You note, card, letter to. You can make the card, buy one, send it via e-mail or facebook. The goal is to just do it. Stop thinking about how much those people mean to you and tell them!!  Honestly....I think you'll be surprised...5 won't be enough!! When you really get going you may find yourself sending out dozens of Thank Yous...and that would be just amazing:)

Be sure and journal about your experience in your art journals and share in our FB group.

Girls...here are my art journaling pages for Weeks One-Thirteen

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I am LoVinG this project and building momentum in my life!! Please share what's going on with you:) YOu can do that here in the comment section or on a our FB page. Below are the Links to our 52 Weeks Being Me project and our FB group. You are never, ever behind!! Just jump right in:)

52 Weeks
FB group


  1. I say THANK YOU for sharing all your journal pages in this blog post today! I haven't been able to play along so I've had nothing to share, but seeing your pages is inspiring me to return to making art journal pages for MYSELF, which is something I need to do for myself and SOON...

  2. All of your ideas/ themes/ prompts have been really great, Leslie, and THANK YOU to you for keeping up with this ambitious project!

  3. Thank you so much for these 52 weeks of being me, it has been so helpful so far for me and my process to start loving myself more. Definitely the best 'challenge' I've done so far. :)


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