Week 16: Are you JOY Oriented??

"Don't be result oriented. Be joy oriented." -Christine Mason Miller

Every time I read this quote from Christine's wonderful book "Desire to Inspire"  it reminds me to be JOYFUL in my art, my writing and my LiFE. It also makes me realize that so much of what I do in my life isn't joy oriented...I am always striving for a certain outcome. How sad is that?

This week I want you to focus on the JOYS of Life and see how different you look at things. I know when I am just enjoying the moment I don't get nearly as stressed or feel the pressures of the world bearing down on me.

This week I want you to sit down for a few minutes each night and write down ONE word that best describes your feelings of the day. So far my morning has been a HECTIC one and instead of feeling joy I am feeling nothing but STRESSED OUT!! UGH! I do hope to turn that around this afternoon by spending most of it in my studio working on some surprises for my upcoming Girls Weekend:).

After you decide on a word...take time to write a few sentences or paragraphs on how your day went and how you went from being result oriented to JOY oriented. I am excited to see what the next 7 days of words are and how well I do at filling my days with JOY!!

Let me know how you're doing with our 52 Week Challenge. Remember...if you are new here or are just on a different week...be sure and go to the top of my blog and click on 52 Weeks. All 15 weeks are there:)

Thank you so much for being here!! 

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  1. Great advice! Thanks for visiting my blog because it brought me here to yours and I love it. I'm off now to check out your 52 week challenge.

  2. Hi Leslie,

    Boy, I absolutely love that quote! I definitely need to hear it too -- I've had so many "negatives" lately that I'm totally drained, both physically and mentally. I'm hoping to actually sit down and get messy this weekend so will think of a positive word and focus on that.

    Thanks for visiting me! I don't get around like I used to -- but always enjoy popping in when I do.


  3. Great post, Leslie. Being joy-oriented can be such a challenge when it seems like everyone around you is trying to suck it right out of you! (Can you tell that I've had a day filled with whining young daughters? Ha!) As I enter this week, I will definitely keep in mind the benefits of being joy-oriented over being task-oriented. Thank you!


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