Week Eleven: Get Outside!!

I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.  ~John Muir, 1913, in L.M. Wolfe, ed., John Muir, John of the Mountains:  The Unpublished Journals of John Muir, 1938

Thanks so much for being patient with me during my time off. I think many of us enjoyed having an extra week to catch up anyway!!;) Remember girls...ALL 52 Weeks will be at the top of my blog so you an ALWAYS do this at your own pace. Please don't feel like you are behind, ok? That kind of thinking just makes us feel yucky and like we aren't good enough...and YOU are AMAZING!

Speaking of AMAZING let's get on with Week Eleven..."Spending Time with Nature".

Lake Balm where we stayed.

The past 7 days I spent in beautiful Northern Minnesota in a town called Bemidji...well, actually we were 30 miles north of there in a very wooded and quiet area. 

There is just something about being surrounded by crystal blue water, woods, pretty flowers and wild life of all kinds.

The dock down from our lake house

When I am outside I am more me than at any other time. I enjoy the fresh air and sunshine on my face. It is heaven!

Dainty little wild flowers

Loons are the official bird of Minnesota:)

Being surrounded by all this beauty energized me and allowed me to think clearly, set some new goals and just be.

Me and Em on the boat

I know that's why I love walks so much. Anytime I can be outside makes me HAPPY!!!

Silly goose we fed bread to on the shoreline.

This week I want you to spend time outside. Even if you live in a tiny apartment in the city and have very little grass...get outside. Look around. Take in the sun, the clouds, the flowers {even if they are in a pot}. Walk, sit on a bench and read a book or take your journal outside and create! I did that several mornings on the deck and enjoyed every second!!!!

Happy Me!

In your art journals jot down a few of your favorite things to do outside. Write down any feel good memories of time spent outside, too. 

God writes the gospel not in the Bible alone, but on trees and flowers and clouds and stars.  ~Author unknown, commonly attributed to Martin Luther