Friday, January 11, 2013

What the Heck, Blogger??

So when I wrote my Word post Blogger was giving me fits and wouldn' allow me to share any photos. And to top that off our house was busy, busy that day and try as I might it was nearly impossible to settle down and write!! So I honestly don't feel like my post on my Word TRUE was what I had envisioned but sometimes you just gotta go with

The next two days my son Jacks will have the laptop at his speech and debate tournament so here I sit, very early in the morning trying to get all I can done on the computer!! If things work out the way we plan very soon I will have my own computer again. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

So I sit, all warm and cozy under my blanket, writing a post and just now I try to upload my photos and guess what?? Blogger won't let me again!! What the heck??! I swear...such torture you put me through  Soooo....lots to share in photos and yet I still can't....grrrrrr soooo frustrating!

This weekend proves to be a busy one. Today my husband are headed out of town to do our grocery shopping at Sam's Club and Aldi's then spend a quiet evening at home. Maybe pick up a movie. It's been ages since we've done that! Tomorrow I work at The Art Experience and am hoping for a busy day. Sunday is church and working on Primary stuff afterwards. Today I am "stepping" into the Life Book classroom for the first time since my computer is fixed and picking up my first assignment....can't wait to work on that over the weekend, too!!!

Girls, have a splendid weekend and see you on Monday...let's hope Blogger is 100% working so I can begin sharing much art to share!!

What are your weekend plans???


  1. blogger gives me fits too!!! LOL yesterday it wouldn't let me do all sorts of things. silly blogger. ((hug))

  2. hope your blogger gets sorted soon leslie. i really do look forward to reading and seeing your blog posts ... (((big hugs)) from lou xx

  3. Working in my craft corner since I spent all day cleaning it! What do you has a floor so I can vaccum it! lol

  4. I hope you can get all the Blogger stuff worked out. BTW - I've just discovered Aldi and I lOVE that place! I can't do all my shopping there, but what I can get, I save a ton! Have a great weekend Leslie!

  5. When Blogger wouldn't upload any more photos for me, it was because I had filled up all my available photo space. So, I started using Photobucket, and could resume putting photos on my blog. It was SO frustrating until I figured out what the problem was. I hope this helps!

  6. Yeah, I had the same problem yesterday, too with Blogger. Maybe what Andria said will help.

  7. Same here with blogger!! Will try the photobucket thing. Enjoy your Life Book Event, would love to take part, but i can only do free courses online, so sadly I just hear about it, but have fun!!

  8. I had the same problem, but if you log on to your blog from firefox or possibly Safari... then you can upload the photos. Blogger techs are working on fixing it.


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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