Moving Right Along

“Life is what happens to you
while you're busy making other plans.” 
― John Lennon
2013 is barely underway and I am moving along at 100 mph!! But you know I tend to like life like that...crazy and busy and moving along. I had intended to settle in and write more, work on my Life Book and begin a running program....but two days ago I was offered a 6 week substitute teaching position and I said yes. The thing I am most happy about?? It's teaching elementary art. Now you know how much I LOVE art and little kids and I just's a win/win for sure!!
The other thing I am over the moon about is the money. Money has been tight and this will help tremendously!!:)
Soooo...even though I am going to be busier than I expected for the next two months I intend on blogging and creating and yes...even running. {more on that goal of mine next post}
I still can't post pics...soooo maddening! It must be Blogger telling me my account is too full and thanks to Andria from Drawing Near I will begin using PhotoBucket. Not today, though. I will need to take the time to figure that one out.
This Friday begins my first ever mixed media/art journaling class called "With All My Heart". I am teaching it at The Art Experience. If you're local and interested just shoot me an email or stop by my facebook page.
Girls, have a FABULOUS week!!!:)


  1. Congratulations on your long-term sub position...enjoy! Sounds like you have so many wonderful things happening. Good luck with your Art Experience class, too! I just jumped right in to using Photobucket without really understanding the ins and outs of it, and it seems to get the job done.

  2. So excited about your sub job. That is PERFECT for you!!! Can't wait to hear about your running goals. I need to set some myself. Love and miss you lots!!


  3. Wow! You have a lot going on! The substitute job sounds PERFECT for you! How exciting. And how wonderful that you have a place where you can teach classes! Bonus!!!

    Blogger told me I ran out of space for photos so I ended up signing up for the $3.00 (or so) per month fee. I've started resizing my photos so I'm hoping to cancel paying the money.


  4. So proud of you, my friend!! I meant to write you - I stated having the same problem uploading photos to my account, right about the same time that you did. I am now just loading them into picasa, then I ama able to upload into my blog post. It only take minutes longer . . . Not bad at all.

  5. I love the sound of "With All My Heart", hope you will later share some of it here with us. And maybe a step - by - step running guide (for closet run-dreamers ;) ).
    Blessings, Charri


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