My Word for 2013

It was as though she could hardly stay inside herself, it was as though she were too small to hold so much of joy, it was as though she were washed through with light. And how astonishing to feel this sheer bliss, for here she was, not doing and not going to do a single unselfish thing, not going to do a thing she didn't want to do.  -an excerpt from "The Enchanted April"

Here it is...already well into the second week of 2013 and I haven't shared my WORD yet. If you follow me on facebook then you know my computer was attacked with a virus and had to be fixed. is so very good to be back.

Throughout the entire month of December I thought about my Word for 2013. STORY was my Word for 2012...and what I a story I had to share. So many trials and tribulations rocked my world, yet I had made a promise to myself and you that I would share my STORY...keeping it real no matter how painful. I am grateful for this blog format where I can come, bare my soul and have so much support. This is my favorite part of the Web.

So anyway...I knew that 2013 was going to be a much needed and welcome fresh start for me. With the lawsuit behind us (for the most part) and our finances looking up I had no doubt that this year would hold many happy moments.

I learned so very much about myself the past 12 brave and strong I really am. How much I rely on my faith to get me through each day.

This is the year I listen to my heart.

This is the year I live what's in my heart.

This is the year I live TRUE.

Above all,
 be true to yourself,
 and if you
cannot put your heart in it,
 take yourself out of it.
--Hardy D. Jackson

I look forward to hearing all about YOUR Word, too!! Leave me a comment with your Word or a link to your blog!!!  It is soooo good to be back, girls:).


  1. so glad to see you back online leslie, and i really hope that in this coming year that you find strength from your faith, but most of all stay true to yourself and your beliefs :) much love and hugs been sent your way xx lou xx p.s i have chosen grow as my word for 2012, to grow in confidenc and believe in my self

  2. I loved your word STORY last year, and think you stayed with it nicely throughout the year. I am excited to see how TRUE influences your writing and art this year! My word for the year is SIMPLICITY, which (as you know) I shared the details about on my far, so good!


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