Sunday, January 27, 2013

Staying TRUE to My Heart

He, who every morning plans the transactions of the day, and follows that plan, carries a thread that will guide him through a labyrinth of  the most busy life.  -Victor Hugo

I am feeling pulled in so many different directions right now. Working full-time, being a mom, trying to workout and eat right, blogging, my art. It has me thinking about what it is that truly matters in my life. What is it that I truly want??

 I mean TRUE is my Word of the year and listening to my heart is the most important thing I can do, right???

When it comes to my art I truly love the creating process!! I LOVE it. However, when I come home from teaching art all day at the elementary school I am not only physically exhausted but mentally as well. Keeping up with kindergarten through 4th graders is I have made it to my studio a few times and played in my art journal...but nothing like I should.

And speaking of you ever feel like you should do this or that when it comes to your art?? What I mean by that is lately I find myself saying..."Leslie, you should really work on your Life Book lessons" when my heart is telling me it just wants to paint and let go and not really think too hard. Or I may be thinking of a canvas piece but instead of working on that I will guilt myself by saying...."you know you haven't created anything to sell for are you a REAL artist??? You have nothing to sell!!!!"

Do you do this???

Lately, as I'm reading others blogs and seeing their amazing work and all the opportunities coming their way I find myself coming down on me. "Leslie, you aren't doing anything to move forward with your art! You are pretty much a loser and your chance is over."

But then I say to myself..."What are you thinking??!! You are teaching a mixed media class that YOU wrote!! You are spending five days a week learning and teaching art to the most amazing audience....children!! You are learning and growing and becoming a better listener and teacher."

Yes, I am...and that is something ver TRUE to my heart. Teaching is a passion of mine. I LOVE it. It fills me up!! There is nothing like sharing your heart with others!!

Victor Hugo is right. When we take the time to map out our day...we can take our busy lives and turn the into something great. What I've realized is I don't just want to be busy....I want my days to have meaning. I don't want to feel like I'm just trudging through yet another day filled with dozens of to-do's. I want my life to be filled with purpose and passion and doing what's TRUE.

And I can do that...even with a busy life.

I can.
I will.

This week I am not just making time for all my to-do's.... I am writing down all my TRUES. All those things that bring my life purpose. I am making time this week to just be in my studio...even if all I get done is painting a background or sorting through a basket of stamps.

I need time to just BE.

When we take that quiet's then we can hear our hearts. We can see and feel what we yearn for in life.

That's when we find our calling. That's when we create something beautiful.

That's when we really begin living TRUE.

How do YOU stay TRUE to your heart, girls?? Please do share!!!


  1. Honey! Honey! Honey!! PLEASE do not be hard on yourself! PLEASE do not fill your head with what you are NOT doing. TELL YOURSELF how WONDERFUL life is - how amazing it is that you are doing all you are doing - how you are living LIFE - and while it might not be tied with a perfect bow - it is BEAUTIFUL! ALL crazy, hecticly busy, overwhelming moment of it!!! I am SO PROUD of you, and so happy when I read all that you are accomplishing. it makes my heart SING!!! You will have time in your studio, and when it comes . . . Watch out! Beautiful things are happening for you this year, Les. I feel it. TRUE! LOVE it! Hugs!

  2. "Leslie, you aren't doing anything to move forward with your art! You are pretty much a loser and your chance is over."
    Honey, you are not a loser and try to stop letting this mentality come to you. What would you say if I said something like that? Remember you are a child of God...You are loved! When you have time to enter your room, you will be refreshed and inspired. Keep your head up and be TRUE to yourself and to God.

  3. I loved reading your blog post. It is hard sometimes thinking of what we "should" be doing. I think you are an amazing artist and I think your post was a great reminder that that we need to stay true to ourselves and be happy in the moment.

  4. Leslie, You definitely have no need to be so hard on yourself!! You are amazing! Your art and your blog is SO inspiring! I love reading your posts, and I appreciate it very very much that you take the time to drop by and comment on my posts. You are really setting an example to all of us, you are living your dream AND still finding the time to share it with us and inspire us.
    Have a wonderful week, we are all applauding you!!

  5. Such an honest post, Leslie...just keep giving yourself those pep talks to realize all the wonderful art-making you are inspiring in those children and when you get a spare moment in your art room. It certainly doesn't matter if it's for sale. And teaching your own class is AMAZING! What an accomplishment!


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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