Thursday, November 15, 2012

Keeping Promises

Happy Friday, Girls!! So I thought I would give you a quick update on my life....
We have had some good news....we received half of what we need to pay our lawsuit and wired the money to Michigan. It sucks...I am not gonna lie. It is sooo much money and I just feel like it's a perfect example of the BIG guy picking on the little guy. FRUSTRATING. We still have so much left to pay and they wanted it last week...but for now we have band-aided the situation.

Okay....enough of the gloom. Life goes on and it is and once again despite all our mess I am happy.

I thought long and hard about my Word this week and keep coming back to


to engage or undertake by promise (usually used with an infinitive or a clause as object): She promised to go tomorrow.
to make a promise of (some specified act, gift, etc.): to promise help.
to make a promise of something to (a specified person): Promise me that you will come.
I know it's not descriptive like Brave or Courageous or Strong...but it's a Word that speaks to me. You see I made a PROMISE to myself last January that I would get through this year. I would stay the course. I would smile and be happy and never, spite of all the bad...lose my faith.
And I have kept that PROMISE.
For the most part.
I have.
I have learned to not center my life around shopping and having more. There is no more retail therapy in the Ackman house...and yes, I do miss it sometimes. Not gonna lie.
I have learned to be happy at home. We watch movies at home and eat at home and play games at home.
I have learned to cook and use everything in creative ways.
I have learned that my Father in Heaven truly does hear me.
So my Word for this time in my life is just fits.
How are you doing, girls?? Did you choose YOUR Word yet?? Please share in the comments or on our Facebook Page.
This Sunday is my first show in months...The Holiday Hunt. I am soooo excited!! I will take photos of all my NEW work and share next week...I have been branching out and I really love the new look.
Girls, you are all amazing. Oh and one more thing...I should hit 600 posts sometime next week!!!


  1. hi leslie, i liking the embrace change journal page in your photo. remember God keeps his promises too, it may not seem it now but as you look back on this dark spell you will see that God has been true to his word :)

    i have chosen brave simply because it reflects where i am in my life now.

    prayers hugs and much love being sent your way xx lou :)

  2. you always sound positive and so thankful for everything in your life.. you are always smiling, at least here on your blog! i think you have kept your promise :)

    thanks for wishing me a happy thanksgiving. i hope you have a great one too!!

  3. It was wonderful to meet you at the Holiday Hunt!! You are an amazing artist! I am excited to follow you on your adventure! Best Wishes! Jennifer Morris (


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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