Monday, November 5, 2012

Week Six!!

It's a HAPPY  Day, Girls!! It really, truly is!!!

Thank you all so much for your kind, heart felt words. They mean the world to me. I love you all and appreciate you!!!

Our computer is down so today I am on my Mama's. Thanks so much , Mom!!

It's hard to believe we are in the last week of our Words Challenge. What's been crazy for me is that every Word I have picked has been relevant to me that week...and I picked these words over a month ago!!

This week's Word is EXACTLY what I am thinking I need in my life right this minute and have been working on it!!


To make less complicated, clearer, or easier

With all we have been through this past year and with the Holidays coming up...this is MY Word for the next 2 months!!

This week let's make a list of everything we need to SIMPLIFY in our lives!!! 
If you have any tips you'd like to share to help us out...leave a comment, girls!!

Happy Creating!!!


  1. Great word for this season Leslie! I need to simplify my Christmas and not expect to spend money we don't have. I've already started by making some things. I found a handmade doll highchair and doll cradle in a thrift store. I'm sanding them and painting them white. I have the highchair done and it looks new! My granddaughter is going to love it! All for less than $15!

  2. I am excited to do art journal pages based on this and last weeks word! I have commented on a few of your posts but my computer wouldn't finish posting my comments... Just wanted you to know I am enjoying your recent blog posts and loving the challenge!!

  3. Leslie,
    I always hate to see these lessons end. I've been keeping one book for just the lessons & One book I do my journaling in. Just so ya know,(no pressure) I still have MANY empty pages in both books. lol So I'll be waiting to fill them up the next time you decide to share your wisdom with us. I can't wait to have a journal filled with all of your beautiful soul & knowledge filled in them. Hugs, Poetic Dreams

  4. I love this word! Simplify. I told my kids we were going to simplify Christmas this year and enjoy each other with less gifts and more fun. Also, I am trying to go through clothes, books and things and give away most of what we don't really need or love. Thanks for a wonderful six weeks! Will you have a post to review all the words? Thanks Leslie!

  5. Great word! I just started to simplify my immediate surroundings and my personal space. I spent a little time over the weekend and cleaned out my closet. I got rid of a lot of stuff and made more room, which just made me happy. Now I will move on to the other parts of my bedroom...bookcase, scrap table, etc and slowly declutter all of it. I'm doing it slowly over time so not to get too overwhelmed in an already busy life.

    Thanks for your time and efforts Leslie with these lessons. Even though I'm not art journaling or creating a masterpiece, I am keeping a written journal of the words, quotes and my thoughts. Thanks again!

  6. Wonderful Word, Leslie, thank you so much. I have not done "DARE" yet, so this week I'll do both. Have a wonderful week,

  7. thank you leslie, this word prompt challenge has been really inspiring, fulfilling and rewarding. i really appreciate all the hardwork you put into doing these courses for us to follow along with. much love and hugs been sent your way from lou xx

  8. "Simplify" is SUCH a great word and concept to keep in mind during the holiday season!


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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