Monday, November 12, 2012

Word Challenge Surprise! {and recap}

It's hard to believe our Word Challenge is over. For the past six weeks I hope you have enjoyed our Words, applied them to your life and will continue working on those areas that need your attention. Out of all of our Words the one I have the most trouble with is Simplify. I am a work in progress I

Here is a re-cap of the last six weeks along with a surprise Week Seven Challenge for you!!

Week One-Courage

Week Two-Embrace

Week Three-Stand

Week Four-Priorities

Week Five-Dare

Heart shape leaf on our farm

Week Six-Simplify

Beautiful flowers on our farm

I loved this Challenge and hate to see it come to an end. is one more WORD. It's not a Word I am going to give

This may be the hardest week of all. This week I want YOU to pick a WORD that defines you right now.

For some inspiration please read my post from April 2010. 

We are all in diffeent places in our lives right now. Some of us have never been happier and life is pretty good. For others this may be the worst time of your life but you have overcome and am moving on. Wherever YOU are...think about a WORD that describes YOU right now. Your feelings, the way you are living your life, your get the idea. Now this may take all week...I know I am not sure what Word I am choosing just yet. I will let you know later in the week. And as we have done throughout the past six weeks...take your Word...create an art journal page, a canvas or just write about it in your journals.

I would LOVE to know your Words, girls. Please share your Words and work in our FB group...Mind.Body.Soul.

Thank you so much for joining me in the Challenge!! I appreciate and look forward to seeing your work!!!


  1. aaah !!!! what a challenge how on earth am i supposed to pick one word !!! lol :) i'm still trying to figure out simplify .... off to the drawing board :)

  2. I have really loved this challenge and all the words you have chosen for us. I'm a little behind in my journal so thanks for the recap. My chosen word for the week is DISCOVER.
    Thank you so much for sharing your endless creativity and light.


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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