Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Inspiration Board

I got my first bullentin board in Jr. High...I think it was a gift from my Mom. I LOVED it!! Throughout high school it served as a home to my huge button collection. Today it hangs in our office space and is filled with photos and drawings from my kids. Every time I see it it's a blast from the past!!

Here is my studio bullentin board or as I call it my Inspiration Board...it makes me sooooo happy!!

This hangs right behind my counter where I do most of my work.

Anything that inspires is on my board....those stickers were a freebie I got in the mail. Not only do the WORDS inspire me but the colors, too!! That glittery butterfly is a Christmas ornament from Wal-Mart I just had to have!!!

My Board is filled with notes from friends, poems, hand-made tags and a photo of my parents. I lost my Dad in June of 1996...I miss him so much!!!

See that photo of my son in red?? The reason that's on my Inspiration Board is because that picture reminds me to be BRAVE! You see my son Jacks was just in 6th grade here. He wasn't very popular and was having a very hard time in school. He LOVED magic and decided to do a magic act for the all-school talent show. He practiced and practiced till he got it right. I still remember how he got out there on stage in front of his peers...the ones that had been making fun of him all year...and performed a flawless trick!! He was my hero that day!!!

The silver keychain at the bottom was a gift from one of my Blog readers...Maggie from Vegas. It says "Fly Anyway".

Another close-up...I have always wanted to create this photo frame....it hangs here as a reminder to get it done...I am thinking of a Christmas gift....

A final image shows my first art journaling page on the right and a drawing from when I was in high school of Charlie Brown and Peppermint Patty.

As different things motivate me I change my board periodically.

Many of YOU have been on my board before....YOU and YOUR work continue to lift me up and challenge me to keep on creating!!!

Do YOU have an Inspiration Board?? Please share!!!


  1. I love this! I really like the fact that you include your past, present AND future here.

  2. I never really noticed that, Betty!! But you are right!!:)

  3. I love your board, Les! I actually don't believe I have an inspiration board (how strange is that?!?!) I know that I have a VISION board, which is where I want to go within my creative life. While it does contain lots of inspiring things, it's purpose is different. It reminds me of where I want to be and what I want to focus on each day. But an INSPIRATION board . . .I think I need one . . .NOW!!! Thanks for sharing yours!

  4. Aww, thanks for sharing this Leslie...it has so many special things on it! I have an inspiration board that hangs over my work table. It has postcards that I have received in swaps, photos of my mom and my daughter, the first dollar anyone ever paid for my crafts, and some other fun and pretty doodads that I like to look at. I love that yours is the same board you had in high school from your Mom! I have always had cork boards in my room...it's such a fun way to save and display the things that we enjoy looking at most!


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!