Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hello Kool Kats!

For the past few months you may recall me blogging about our latest business venture "Kool Kats".   Well here are the pics I have been promising...finally-LOL. The photo above shows our little ice shack at the Nodaway County Fair.

Several weeks before our first event we would take Sunday afternoons and practice making our slushies. It was pretty awesome trying all our flavors.

Here's Dave and Emma trying out the ice shaving machine.

Of course we invited our missionaries from church over to enjoy the sweet treats, too.

Emma taking Elder Scoubes "order"-lol.

Hey, Jacks!!!

How many icee's does that make today??!?

We have over 70 flavors at our ice shack and counting!! Some of our more popular flavors include...

*Bahama Mama (strawberry/pineapple)
*Buffalo Berry (cherry, raspberry, strawberry, blueberry)
*Silver Fox with cream (vanilla with vanilla cream)
*Rootbeer float
*Strawberry Shortcake with cream
*Tropical Sunrise (peach, banana, strawberry, orange)
*Frog in a Blender (lime, daquari, strawberry)

My personal favorite is Blackberry, Coconut and Vanilla cream....YUM!!!!

Elder Hall, Em, Elder Scoubes and Jacks slurping up the slushies!!!

"Kool Kats" has been in Maryville for over 12years. We purchased the business about 6 years ago but never opened it until this July. It has been not only a fun adventure but a very successful venture!!!

This is the original Kool Kats menu board from YEARS ago. We haven't changed it!!!

After the fair in July we set up shop on the South end of our little town. You can find us most days from 2:30 to 8:30 taking orders and shaving ice for the fine people of Maryville. Most of our customers remember Kool Kats from their childhood....they love it!!! It's so fun to see someone come up with a twinkle in their eye, order their favorite drink and share their memories with us.

I hope you've enjoyed taking a peek at our ice shack. We are having fun and working together as a family.

Many hands make light work.  ~John Heywood

What is YOUR favorite shaved ice flavor?? I would LOVE to know!!!!


  1. Looks like fun and I love that you are doing this as a family!! Congrats that it is going so well!!

  2. Ooh, those flavors sound yummy! I'm so glad this has been a profitable venture for your family.

  3. I love that you can make "cream" flavored ones - Like the Vanilla and Strawberry- I bet it is divine!!!

    I have a slushie/icee machine at home. I LOVE it. I only have cotton candy and watermelon for flavors.

  4. I've been reading your Facebook posts about Kool Kats and wondered how this started!! So glad to see it live and in action, and SO wish I was closer so I could try one out myself!!! I love that the whole family is involved in this! SO great, my friend!


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