Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Making Time to JUST DO It!!

Delicious autumn!  My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.  ~George Eliot I know it's just August 8th...but I am sooo excited about the return of Fall and all that comes with it. Cooler days and even cooler nights, football, soups and homemade bread, long walks outside, craft shows and the list goes on.

It seems each time a season changes I am ready to sit down and map out a new set of goals for myself. Here is what I've come up with for this Fall.

*get a rotation of meals to go including plenty of crock pot meals
*Keep up with my Weekly Home Blessing Hour on Mondays
*Try not to be so worked up if house isn't perfect
(I am going back to working full-time in the fall so this is important)

*Read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John by January 1st in the New Testament
*Make cute cards and treats for my Visiting Teaching Sisters

*Continue our family game night on Mondays
*Family Scriptures and Prayer 3 times a week

*Write 3 posts a week
*Have a NEW Challenge in October {stay tuned}

*Lose 10 pounds by my Birthday {October 12}
*Be able to wear my BLING jeans comfortably
*Share my healthy meals on Instagram
*Be able to complete ALL 5 miles on my walking DVD

*Finish my Soul Neighborhood Part 1 {Can't wait to show you this!!!}
*Make and KEEP Studio hours
*Pick a date for my Soul House class
*Teach at lease one, maybe two classes at The Art Experience
*Try new techniques (I really want to paint like Flora Bowly)
*Buy a few NEW items {copics and modeling paste top my list}

I am already on my way with several of these goals. Nearly 3 weeks ago I began working out to Leslie Sansone's Five Big Miles. I am getting so much stronger!!

Not only do you jog, do squats and lunges and work your upper body. What makes this different than other tapes I've tried is that I CAN DO IT! Before I've always tried Jillian Michaels or the PINK METHOD. Right now they are just too hard. I do not want to give up!!!

I am nearly finished with my Soul Neighborhood Part 1. This piece has taken so much time...but soon it will be done and I can share!!!

I do pretty good at getting 3 blog posts up each week...just holding myself accountable here.

The art classes at The Art Experience are already in the works. So excited about this!!

So even though this may seem like a large list...I am in the middle of working on many of these. I know I can accomplish them.


Do you set new goals for yourself in the Fall? What are you hoping to get done in the next few months?


  1. While you think posts like this may only help you, I am here to tell you that they help ME, too! Reading all that you have planned and hearing about the things that you want to stay focused on truly helps me keep in line with what I want to focus on, and I thank you SO MUCH for that! I have to read back some of your posts and see if you have told is about the Art Exoerience. I've seen your Facebook posts about it, and it looks like such a great place! SO love to hear more about it!!! Hugs, my friend! I am proud of you!!!

  2. The changeover to autumn sounds delicious right about now! You have such wonderful plans underway. I think it's awesome that you have found an exercise program that works for you. Be gentle with yourself about the weight loss, though: I lost ten pounds the last YEAR! These things can take time, and I think your strength and energy level are the most important. I think I will borrow the categories you have used here, and set some goals of my own!


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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