Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Winner & Play!

This is my REACH page from last week. I love everything about it.

I love the background colors, the gorgeous blues and golds and purples.  It' so funny because I never planned it this just happened.

That is how I create best...when I don't go into it with any kind of expectation...I just start putting stuff on paper. It's like magic when I get something I truly love.

These stars represent "reaching to the sky" to me. It was the perfect spot to put this silly photo of me from last summer.

If you look closely....

I wanted to remind myself that at the time I made this page I DO have confidence in me!

The journaling spot in the middle lists everything I am reaching for in my life. These two pages were a blast to create...everything just came easy.

But then as I began working on my wheels from our last assignment...well...those didn't turn out anything like I had planned. Oh, I LOVE the journaling on them...the steps I need to take to make my dreams real. But....the art part of them?

Hideous! Seriously.

Soooo....I won't be showing them here. I know I want to do something I can look at daily so I am redoing. And that's okay. Isn't  that what art is all about? Growing and trying new things?

Sorta like this new hair-do of mine. I am still not certain I like it.....

But I did want a last week I reached down deep and just took the plunge.


It is taking time to style it the way I envision....

Enough of that....LOL. We have another assignment and we have a WINNER from Week 2!!

The Winner is....


Congratulations! Please email me your addy:)

On to Week 3 Assignment #2:

So you created your Creative Dreams Wheel and thought about small steps/micromovements you can take to make your dreams a reality. Didn't you find this a "freeing" exercise? I know I did. Whenever I get my thoughts and ideas down on opens up my mind and all of a sudden I can think more clearly. It's almost like the weight of self-doubt vanishes when you have written a plan on how you can make that dream come true.

It's time to let go once again this weekend. Let's get unstuck...I believe it's one of the best times to think about my dreams. When I'm in the flow of creating it allows my mind to wander...

During my studio time yesterday I realized I am putting waaaay to much thought into my pages. So much that it's stressing me out. I found myself frozen as I looked at the white, blank pages.

This weekend I want you to play in your journals. Take your dreams, a favorite quote, a new technique you have been wanting to try, anything to help you get unstuck!! And hey, even if you're not stuck like me...this will give you a chance to grow and learn:)

This quote hangs on my office wall...

"Not everything you create will be a masterpiece, but you get out there and you try and sometimes it really happens.  The other times you're just stretching your soul."  Maya Andgelou

One more thing....Week 3's PRIZE!

A set of awesome alpha stamps.

A mini scrapbook 

A piece of my Brave Art

Just leave me a comment in this post for your chance to win!!!

Thank you for being here, girls. I appreciate each of you so much:)


  1. I love your reach page...and I love your hair. It's cute and has a little SASS!! It fits and looks great on ya. I had my hair that short once and have thought about going short again...hmm, we'll see!! I kinda like throwing it in a pony, but that's cuz I'm a little lazy!! lol ;)

  2. Well, I HAVE been playing in the journal. Every time I try to do the lessons and use the key words, I come up with something else entirely! It's kind of strange, really. I have done some great stuff IMO in the last few days and I even made some little books like I saw on a website. They are really cute!
    The hair looks cute! Change is good sometimes!

  3. Leslie... first of all change is good (regarding hair). My hair is now the longest it has been since I was a young girl.... like age 11. I have had really short or just below the chin length hair for most of my 37 years. I finally decided to let it grow out .... and now I love having hair that goes into a pony tail and can be put into a little bun. I do miss that free feeling of bouncy hair and having a bare neck... but for now.. I am loving change.
    Thanks for this experience. I am kinda nervous with "freedom" to work in my art journal... what do I create? Scary!

    1. That is the point, Maggie:) It is scary...but it's exactly what we need sometimes:) I bet you look great with long hair. I love the pic of you and your family on FB:)

  4. I'm having an art day tomorrow, going to experiment with different sized canvas, masking fluid, serviettes + going to scan some of my napkins from a swap onto my computer for future use on pages.

  5. I love your hair, Leslie! I hope you grow comfortable with it, because it looks great. Thanks for the ongoing chance to win fun things through this class...I love those alphabet stamps, and of course, I love your art! :-) I am looking forward to some artistic play, if I can just peel myself away from this computer!

  6. First love your hair --my hair is super short and spiky --this is a great clasd and i hope to catch up in a few days would love to win thanks for doing this you are an inspiration

  7. Leslie, ya so rocking that hairstyle! ADORABLE!!! I decided to re-start my Mind.Body.Soul book. Why? Because I wasn't happy with what I did so far. I plan on re-doing each assignment up to this assignment. I am having a great time playing along with ya. Thanks so much!
    Hugs, Poe

    1. Poe....sounds good to me. Sometimes just starting fresh is best!! Thanks about my hair.

  8. love your work and you are right...the colours are wonderful...snt that do is confident with

  9. Your new do is fantastic!!! It looks great one you! Loving class girly!!!


  10. I feel like I know you when I read your posts and that's such a gift! The new do? You look radiant! The art? reflects your heart, fabulous! Thanks for putting yourself out there ;-)

  11. Your haircut is FABULOUS!! I really do love it! it looks free and fun! I MUST catch up with my lessons this weekend! Thanks for all the thought provoking stuff!! You have the wheels in my head turning - now I just have to get it ON PAPER!!!

  12. Loving the haircut too, wish I had the nerve to cut mine! Also, loving the challenges. I am finding that the art that ends up on the page is VERY different from what I have in my head originally. It's not always the prettiest but it is real and it is me so I'm going with it! Thanks for all your hard work, it is appreciated!


  13. Hi Leslie! Love your haircut! It's really CUTE!!.. Just wanted to say I've finally got around to posting about 4 photos in regards to "Mind.Body.Soul." I hope you'll take a peek when you can! Thanks again! ((hugs)) ~tina

  14. I feel like I'm stuck too. The last page I did was the "Light Within" one and I didn't like it. Now I have to find time to redo/change it and get caught up with the other ones. Lots going on in my world right now so I need to put aside some time for ME.

    I love your hair too Leslie....and your work! I'd LOVE to win!

  15. I love your prompts! This workshop has been awesome so far. I'm laid up in bed as I just had back surgery, but I've got my Smash book with me and have been playing. I just took some pics with my cell phone, they won't be the best quality, but I'll get them posted soon in the FB group.

    And I have to say, your Brave Art is beautiful! Thanks for the chance at winning it!

    1. Awww, thank you so much Sarah...get to feeling better!!

  16. Oh, Pick me! Pick me! (lol) Well, I love your "reach" and agree that the best pages are the ones that come quickly and easily. I have been having so much fun with your prompts - even though my pages are ironically much less "positive" than they normally are (and I suspect not in the way you wanted us to create) BUT it is authentic for sure.
    GREAT hair - I bet you love it by next week. It always takes a few days for me to style it and get it back to "normal" before I love any new cut. Right? xoxoxo


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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