Thursday, March 22, 2012

I am Reaching...

I really enjoyed answering questions from our last assignment...I believe these 5 questions are the most important we can ask ourselves when we're trying to find our way. Here are a few of my answers...

1. What lights me up?
    *inspiring others
    *meeting new people
    *writing, teaching, creating

2. When I do these things I lose track of time...
    *Making goals

3. When I was young I wanted to be...
    *I wanted to move to New York City and act on Broadway
    *Write a book, play or screen play
    *Cover a Presidential campaign and be lead television announcer at a Presidential Convention

4. Who do I want to be now...
    *well-known blogger
    *Host art retreats at a beautiful home in the woods...Soul Collage....
    *I want to be a regular contributor to a national blog/magazine

5. 25 jobs I could see myself doing...
    *radio announcer
    *speech teacher/coach
    *station manager at radio station
    *nurses aid
    *television announcer
    *Art and writing workshop teacher
    magazine writer
    *syndicated columnist

I get excited just writing all these things many possibilities.

I hope your week is going good. My husband and I have been thrown yet another curve ball. For those of you that have been reading my blog for know what a rough couple of months I have had. I was soooo confident all this stuff was behind us...but yesterday it came back to haunt to me, making me sick and sooo worried. I am not ready to share all the details but it involves someone so very dear to us. The choices this person is making is breaking my husband and I's heart, making it extremely hard to think about anything else.


I woke up this morning determined not to get in the low place I was just 1 month ago. No...I BELIEVE I can get through this. I know it may require me to REACH deep down inside of me to find the courage I need...but I can do this.

My Brave Art-2011

Enjoy the rest of your week. I love your work in the FB group...each of you inspires me to try new things and to keep on living my dreams. Thank you so much:)

I am looking forward to Week 3:)

See you on FB, girls!!


  1. Bless you Leslie, and you are my hero!

  2. Sending you positive thoughts and prayers that things will work out the way they are suppose to. You are amazing and you continue to inspire me with every post! <3

  3. These are interesting prompts. Something for me to chew on. I haven't been active (really) on the FB page. Left a few comments but haven't posted anything yet. It might happen this weekend......

    My life right now is work work work....


  4. I love that you used a Roller Derby photo. I play. Or used to before I took one too many back injuries. Now I ref. I don't think of Derby as being something you do because you are brave, I think of it as something you do because you love it.

    Kind of like making and sharing your art. ;)

  5. Sending positive thoughts your way for you and your family. Love ya Les.

  6. It's so interesting to read your responses to the questions...they really make me feel like I know you even better! I haven't had the time to answer them yet, but I am looking forward to doing it. I really love that roller derby photo! So sorry about your family concerns right's hoping things can be resolved in some way soon!

    1. Thanks, Andria...I know...I really want to read all of your responses, too. It's fun to see the "other" side!! Thanks for your concern...I know things will get better.

  7. I wanted to act on Broadway too! I was so young then. :-) I too will be sending positive thoughts your way. :-)

  8. Dear friend, praying that you all will KNOW that you are held in the Everlasting Arms. Please do not hesitate to let me know if there is anything specific I can pray for. If this involves either of the children, REMEMBER that God loves those kids more than you and your husband ever could, and that all that happens is for their good and His glory. Many's the time I have had to (out loud) surrender my children to the Lord, asking that His will, not mine, be done.

  9. What fun responses. I haven't started yet, but I will journal this weekend! Your page is wonderful, and I am sorry you're going through a hard time. I look forward to being a part of your group!

    Positive thoughts coming to you from me!!!

  10. hi leslie, thank you so much for this course i hope you dont mind me sharing my answers to your thought questions ....

    what lights me up ... being creative, learning new things, my nephews, my boyfriend, feeling a sense of achievement when i help out at volunteering. been able to enjoy the beauty in my local environment.

    when i do these things i loose track of time ... card making, altered art journal book, spending time with boyfriend

    when i was young i wanted to be ... able to play violin / musical instrument at the royal college of music in birmingham u.k. then as i got older i wanted to be a medical secretary and also a business adviser

    who do i want to be now ... me !! and to get to know me better !! i would love to get some sort of teaching qualification but i worried i may be to old to start that sort of training. i really want to have a go at making my own craft cd roms.

    now this is the toughy !! ... 25 jobs i could see myself doing...1.flower arrangements maker stall seller 3.card making tutor 4.running taster classes for jewellery making beginners craft demonstrator stamp designer page background designer 8.internet researcher 9.artist 10.professional photographer 11.creative adviser 12.craft shop holder 13.event organiser 14.craft products researcher 15.home design consultant 16. art therapist 17. support worker 18. handsewn toy maker 19. hair accessories designer 20. teach computer basic skills 21. creative writer 22. teacher classroom assistant 23. problem solver 24. clothes designer 25. home furnishing adviser

  11. so the trouble now is how do i turn that lot ^^^ into a journal page !!!!


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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