Monday, March 5, 2012

Beautiful Women

There is just something about Mondays. Most of you may not agree but I truly love Mondays. It's my day to start fresh, to Bless our Home with clean floors and rooms and clothes.

Today is no exception. So many projects already accomplished and it's not even Noon.

Over the weekend I was able to go to my church's women's conference. It was wonderful! And I found my new favorite song and video...have you heard "Beautiful Heartbreak" by Hilary Weeks? Oh you should listen to it, girls. Made me think of so many of you...going through trials, trying to understand why bad stuff happens to good people.

Take a moment to listen and watch....

Profound, isn't it? The African woman in the video is Mariama Kallon. Last October I heard her speak and had the privilage of meeting her. Her story is one of great loss and tragedy...of love and hope. Hear a small part of her story here.

What she doesn't share in this video is how she watched in horror as the rebels took a machete and hacked off her sister's arms and legs right in front of her. And how she was the next in line to endure the same exact torture when she heard a voice whisper inside her head to look up and pray. She began praying with all her heart to be saved. Seconds later she heard a scuffle and turned to see men from her village running towards these rebels. They ran off...leaving Mariama to live another day. With great sorrow she looked in horror as her sister's torso lay on the ground...she was alive...yet Mariama knew she wouldn't last for long. She found her way out that day and currently lives in the Salt Lake Valley in Utah. She travels the world sharing her story. Her message is one of love and hope and peace. She has turned her tragedy into a Beautiful Heartbreak for sure.

You may recognize the other woman in the video from her Blog..."The NieNie Dialogues." Stephanie Nielson is on my must read list daily. Listen to her story....

Girls, I hope these beautiful women have inspired you today. I hope you will take each of their stories into your heart and never forget them.

Who inspires you? Please share!!!


  1. A beautiful song and truly such beautiful women. Thank you for sharing Leslie!

  2. Love all these women! I have heard the first two speak and Nie Nie is definitely on my list. I keep trying to get to one of her speaking engagements...but hasn't happened yet.

    ♥ april

  3. I saw this on Stephanie's blog a while back. I am so excited that you got to meet Mariama and hear her speak. Thanks for the post. I am currently waiting for Stephanie's book to come out but would love to hear them both speak. I will have to put that on my life list! Thanks Leslie!


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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